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At first, I know nothing about WordPress plugins and am a completely freshman in this field. After I jumped in, I began to realize “Wow”, how big the world is! You can find many experts and engineers here for your support and information. I am thrilled and surprised with what I have found. Let’s see now.

WPForms vs Contact Form 7 Side–by–Side Review

  1. Easy to Use

  2. Customer Support

  3. Features

  4. Price

When I wanted to design my contact form for my readers to leave a comment or message for me, I used Contact Form 7 in the beginning. Later on, I really did not understand why I could not have a functional and beautiful form as everyone did on his or her blog. And then one friend told me about WPForms and I started to add it on from WordPress dashboard and activated it as you can see it now. WPForms platform is really simple and easy to understand. If you happen to look for a form on your blog, you definitely do not want to miss it.

I list some differences between WPForms vs Contact Form 7 for you to compare and decide which one is better for you. From four aspects, let’s take a look at the comparison of WPForms vs Contact Form 7: Easy to Use, customer support, features, and price.

  1. Easy to Use

  • Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the very beginning form and one of the earliest and most popular free WordPress contact form plugins. From the way how it designs the form, you can certainly tell the difference between the form and another form nowadays. When you create a contact form, you would like to add “name”, “teleplone”, “email” or other contact information, what I think in my mind is pretty simple until I see something like “ HTML code”. That gives me a big question mark actually because you have to know how to communicate with HTML code so as to make the form just the way it should be. That bothers me a lot to figure out what is going on here as you can see. What is more, you cannot have a preview of your form right away to visualize your forms. Maybe you have to try a few times to see if it is really what you want. Even though you do have your contact form in the end.


After I switch to WPForms, I find out that WPForms dashboard design is simple, clean and modern. It focuses on the user-friendly interface and is a very modern WordPress contact form plugin on the market to date as well. Most important of all, we speak the same language, no scary “HTML code” instead. You certainly do not have to worry about how to create a form from the very beginning because surprisingly there are already many pre-built form templates inside for you to use.

When you would like to change your original form or add a new form field, rearrange the order, or change its appearance, the amazing part is that you can use a drag & drop interface to move these items to where you want them to be. Furthermore, it provides a live preview section in the Form Editor so that you can have a look right away to see what your form would be while you’re dragging and dropping. Before you publish it on your blog, you can test it easily and WPForms also offers more form fields than you can image like Checkboxes, File Upload, GDPR Agreement, Likert Scale, Page Break, Rating and so on. If you have an online store and would like to have built-in payment form fields like Single and Multiple Items, Dropdown Items, Credit Card, and Total, so you can accept payments easily and start to make money online. If you want to have an easy-to-use plugin and matches your needs with no computer coding, then WPForms is a good option for you to think about it.

WPforms Interface
  1. Customer Support

  • Contact Form 7

As a beginner in WordPress, you would have problems or questions very often. When you start with Contact Form 7 or any of plugins, you would like to have a quick & immediate response when you get stuck. It is good for everyone to have free plugins just like cell phone app to use, but nobody tells me that free plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Directory do not have to offer support or prompt feedback. Sometimes it really frustrates me and you can only search for troubleshooting problems to see anyone else has the same issue in the FAQ section. Luckily you find it and the problem is solved. If not, your contact form process has to be halted.

If you’re a person who is looking for thorough and complete support, it is a better option that WPForms establishes a support ticket system for users, detailed-oriented documentation about step-by-step to configure every setting, and tutorials through the process.

  1. Features

  • Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 provides an easy and quick way to create your ideal contact form. However, the features are not restricted with a few form fields to choose such as checkboxes, date, drop-down menus and so on. If you would like to expand more features to be more functional, you have to add more plugins that might not be officially supported by Contact Form 7. It is possible that you would take a chance of having bugs.

WPForms is divided into two versions, free and premium version which has four plans including basic, plus, pro, elite plans. The features of WPForms Lite – free version, are good enough to compete with Contact Form 7. Here are some outstanding features you might like to take a look at:

WPForms Lite Features:

  • 100% Responsive on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop)
  • CAPTCHA and Honeypot Spam Protection
  • Drag & drop online form builder within a few minutes
  • Mobile ready, SEO friendly and optimized for speed
  • Pre-built form templates

However, if you need more professional functions, you may consider upgrading to WPForms premium version that would match your business needs.

WPForms Premium Features:

  • Email integration with AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Drip, or Constant Contact
  • PayPal & Stripe Payment Integration
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Survey and poll creation
  • Collect files and media through your online forms with File Uploads.

WPForms has more flexible price plans for you to choose and more extensional no matter in any way.

  1. Price

Contact Form 7 and WPForms Lite are both free of charge to get started. They both can satisfy your needs in the beginning. However, looking for extra, something especially or particular, and integration with other plugins, WPForms provides more options than you think. If you would like to extend your function for your business, you may consider upgrading to the pro version.

WPforms Premium Plan
  • Basic: one site / per year
  • Plus: three sites / per year
  • Pro: twenty sites / per year
  • Elite: unlimited sites / per year


Years ago, Contact Form 7 was born and was a very good contact form plugins at that time. It has been very popular and many people download and activated it. Right now, as you know more about creating a form, you would like to change or something different from a normal form such as a survey form. Without the help of developers, sometimes it is hard to get what you want. If you want to move forward and expand your business, you certainly have to find another solution that knows about your needs and satisfies you in many ways.

WPForms is growing more and more popular due to its focus on what his customers need to develop his software such as more features, support, and integration with other plugins. Needless to say, people with IT background or not can build forms easily and quickly.

Therefore, choose what you want and you know the best part is that WPForms provides 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee. If you don’t like it and would like to change another plan or get a refund within the next 14 days, then you would not have trouble with it at all, no questions asked or being bothered. It would not hurt to give it a try.

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