Two Little Boys’ Friendship 

From the Detroit News, a little boy, Kaleb, at the age of 12, met his best friend, Kenneth when he started the second grade. They shared a lot of things like real brothers. Kenneth had leukemia at 13 months old and kept fighting disease. However, Kenneth’s health was getting worse and stayed in the hospital longer than before. Kaleb would paint and play video games together with him. Kaleb knew his best friend needed him and had a lot of fun with him until the last moment. Kenneth’s time was up and went back to Heaven peacefully. Needless to say, Kaleb was very sad about it.

Kenneth was buried without a headstone because his family could not afford it. After Kaleb knew that, he decided to do something about it to make sure that Kenneth had one. When people wanted to see him, they would find his grave easily. Also, it was considered as his Christmas present. Therefore he did odd jobs and collected pop bottles to raise money. His mother set up a PayPal donation online and shared it on the social media so as to invite more people to join the meaningful activity. More and more donation, jobs and bottles came in to speed up his fundraising. This is really a perfect ending of all.

Kenneth’s mother said that Kaleb and his family helped her a lot to deal with losing Kenneth. “They’re amazing people,” she said. “When you just think that the world is in such a bad place, and everybody is so angry, and there’s so much hatred … they make you think of things differently.”

When I read this lovely story for the first time, honestly I burst into tears and learn a lot from this little boy. Maybe everyone’s feeling differs from mine. I just can’t help myself and would like to share it with you. Here is what inspires me and I learn from the story:

  • He has great sympathy and would not hesitate to show his support for his best friend.
  • He has great courage to face the whole process and result.
  • He was not thinking about himself but also cared about others.
  • He was willing to spend time accompanying his friend. He knew that his best friend suffered a lot and would like to help him feel better.
  • After his friend died without a headstone, he made up his mind and planned to deal with it. He knew what he had to do and took action right away.
  • Even though he is only twelve years old, he thinks big and does not think he cannot achieve the goal of raising 2,500 dollars.
  • Is $2,500 a lot to a twelve-year-old-boy? Certainly, yes! With his own hands, he still tried his best to achieve it. He provided his services like collecting pop bottles, odd jobs, and etc.
  • God helps those who help themselves. His mother helped him share this story on social media. The reporter wrote a piece of sincere news about it. With the help of modern technology, the more people knew about it, the more people are touched and would like to help him and make a donation.
  • Everyone celebrated this coming Christmas and bought gifts for his family and friends. It would be the most expensive but the most meaningful gift that Kaleb has ever prepared.
  • People online are more willing to help and have a lot of love to give even though they do not know each other. It is really a good thing and makes the cold world warmer.

I believe that you would feel the same as I do. Trust your instinct and do not hesitate to take action. Every day is a brand new day to grow and learn. Do something valuable not only to yourself but also to others. Next time, when you read a moving story, remember to share it with others or give your hand. It is never a bad thing to help. It makes the world a better world. Maybe you inspire someone accidentally, you would never know.

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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