“To Improve your well-being is like trying to fix a tub with 30 holes. Just using one plug is not good enough”. When I found this quote somewhere this year, gladly I have three plugs already in my hands – Chinese medicines, healthy cuisines, and fitness exercise. One of my fitness trainer friends took one of her trainer acquaintances to Cherry’s kitchen to try out two simple dishes. She wants to attract those who do not exercise regularly with easy to make DIY snacks. Those two recipes are easy enough to lift their confidence in cooking and can enjoy their hands-on work right on the spot.

  • Pork Belly Slices Sandwiches 

Preparation 15 minutes

Overall cooking time: 20 minutes

Skill level: Easy

No More Process Meat for Breakfast.

Here is the recipe:


Garlic                             1 clove minced

Water                              1 cup

Grape Seed Oil                1 T

Bay Leaves                      3 medium

Thyme Powder                1t

Pork Belly Thin Slices     2 cups

Rye Bread Slices             6 slices

White Bread Slices          6 Slices

Cheddar Cheese             6 Slices

Green Olives                   6

Organic Leaf lettuce       6

Organic Tomatoes          1 large cut into 6 slices

Dijon Mustard                 6t


Heat a medium pot on medium heat and add the water, all the spices and bring to a broil. Put in the pork slice and lower the heat till cooked, about 5 minutes. Spoon out pork slices to cool in a plate before making the sandwiches.

In the past, I have my fair share of buying pre-cooked ham for breakfast sandwiches.  In an episode of the “Doctors”, one of the hosts, who is also a surgeon, said he cook pork slices or chicken breast about every three days as the protein for his breakfast, so as not to use process meat for breakfast. Too busy to make breakfast with all the trimming and nutrition? Sandwiches can be made the night ahead and kept in a tight container and kept in the refrigerator.

Next, layout all remaining ingredients and choose the ones you like and make a sandwich. It pays to use French Dijon mustard, to ensure the tangy taste is inside.  One slice of rye bread and one slice of white bread is used. The ones shown in the picture are bought from IKEA. Those bread are soft enough for a sandwich and the rye bread are counted as high-fiber foods.

  • Pistachio and Fig Chocolate Nougat

Pistachio and Fig Chocolate Nougat

Here is the recipe:


Chocolate 60%               2*100g

Cocoa Powder                 2T

Organic Figs                    8 large

Pistachio                          2/3 cups

Fleur de sel                     1 Pinch

Nutmeg                           1/8t


  1. Heat Pistachio in a pan on low heat till fragrant, but not burnt. Set aside to cool.
  2. Cut off the tip of figs and slice into o.1cm threads.
  3. Break up the chocolate into chunks in a metal bowl and heat over warm water, but not touching water, till melted.
  4. Add pistachio and figs into the chocolate and mix well. Pour over baking paper and shape it into a long cylinder. Freeze 20 minutes till hard. Cut into slices.

If not finished after it is made, keep in a tight-lid container in the refrigerator.

Variations of this recipe:

You can use your choice of dried fruit and nuts for this recipe.  Compared to other dried fruits, the chewiness of figs is the reason it is selected for this recipe. The green color of pistachio makes inject color into this snack.

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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