Three Steps To Find The Best WordPress Plugin

After I get to know more about WordPress, I realize that WordPress is not just a free and open source but also multiple plugins make it great. Why? Everyone has different goals or purposes for his blog and that is why you want to add different functionality to your blog. I am sure unless you are an engineer and developer, you do not know how to quip your blog. Let’s get to know more about how plugins work like magicians.

What Are WordPress Plugins?

There are more than 50,000 free plugins on the plugin directory. Just like the app to cell phones, plugins to WordPress make your blog more functional and complete. If you want a specific function or form or e-commerce store, you just go head in the plugin section and search for it. Most of the time, there is more than one choice and you can definitely find one for you.

How to search for WordPress Plugins?

On the WordPress dashboard, you can easily search for free WordPress plugins and add any one of them. Here are steps to show you how it works:

Plugins » Add New page and type the function or plugin name to search for

Then, it would show all the plugins that match your keyword for you to review the results. Click the right one that you want and install and activate it.

Add new plugin

However, just like what I mention above. There are thousands of free plugins and you have no idea of what it is or how it works. It is quite challenging to starters like you and me. You have to try and try to find out which plugin is best for your blog.

Here are tips to show you how to select the WordPress plugins:

  1. Write down your request

Before start searching for plugins, you need to clarify exactly what function you want and write it down to make it clear and check it. Maybe you are not able to find them all within a day. Maybe more than one plugins match your needs. It is all right and you can go ahead to install them all. The point is that you find the right one for your blog. That is why I recommend you to write it down and you check it later.

  1. WordPress plugin information

WordPress Plugin page

On the search result list, you would see a lot of information regarding,

  • The Plugin name
  • The plugin rating
  • The plugin introduction and description.
  • The number of active installations
  • Tested with WordPress version
  • The contributors & developers of the plugin
  • The last updated date
  • The plugin reviews
  • The plugin support
  • The plugin screenshots
  • The plugin FAQ
  1. WordPress plugin comparison

Remember, it is very often that more than one plugins would be searched for one function. The competitors of the plugins are a lot and there are free versions for starters. It is enough for you to use in the beginning. How do you know which is better than another? After you review the plugin page, you can see all the information you need to compare. Let’s take a look at them closely to find out which is better for you.

WordPress Plugin information

On the right side of the plugin page, there is a lot of information to tell you about the plugin such as the plugin rating, the plugin version, the number of active installations and so on. Check them very carefully to see the pros and cons.

  • The plugin rating

The first and important one is the plugin rating. You would know how popular it is and how many stars it wins. The best score is five star and the worst is one star. The more stars it wins, the more satisfaction and popularity it is. It is common for people to take it into consideration. Many plugins also encourage you to score them to show your support and appreciation. Even though some people would not score them at all, it is all right. It is a fair and open item that can be seen.

  • The number of active installations

Since you have more than one option to choose and you are free to change anytime you want, the number of active installations tell a lot. Why do so many people install and activate it? Why do they not use another plugin? There must be some advantages to it. Of course, the more the better. At least, you can give it a try to see if it works perfectly on your blog. If not, you can deactivate it right away without extra cost.

  • Tested WordPress version

Any well-maintained plugin must be tested with the latest WordPress version to show the responsibility and the attitude to develop in the future. If it is not tested with your WordPress version, you need to be careful after you activate it. Maybe you would have a big surprise and your blog would be down.

  • The contributors & developers of the plugin

Maybe one engineer or more developers or even a company like Automattic develop the plugin. Which one is better than another? Naturally, a plugin developed by a company has more sources to make it perfect and thoughtful. You can take a look at it as well.

  • The last updated date

The last updated date to show when it updated and if it is well maintained. It is quite essential when your WordPress has a huge change to see if it works well on your blog. If it is updated a long time ago, it means nobody is responsible for its maintenance and you had better not install it.

  • The plugin reviews
WordPress Plugin review

No matter what you would like to buy like a 3C product and the electrical appliance, it is often that you would Google it to see any comments before you place an order. It is not manipulated easily and anyone can check it online. You would know what people feel about it fairly. So is the plugin. The plugin invites users to write a review for the rating. You can see these reviews below the average rating. It is very clear that you can see when and how many star users score and the exact comments. The more comments that people write, the more valuable the reference is. The latest comment is much better.

  • The plugin support
WordPress Plugin support

The plugin support section would tell you how the author or the company reacts when readers ask for help and how long it takes to feedback. It would tell you if the plugin has any major issue here or the frequency users would ask for help. If there is any major issue that is not solved, it is a better idea that you should consider installing another similar plugin in case that you cannot handle some kind of technical issue. Normally anyone who asks for support should be responded within one to three days even though it is a just simple response like “ I got it!” or “Thanks a lot.” If no response at all or you have to wait for a few days or a week, it is a sign to tell you to watch out. If you install it, it might happen to you and you do not have an instant back up or support.

  • The plugin screenshots

There are many WordPress plugins that are strange to starters. To help you catch up quickly, most of them would provide a screenshot for you to take a look in advance. You can see if the interface is user-friendly or too complicated to deal with. It is quite useful and helpful part because you can see how the plugin looks like and if it is worth trying.

  • The plugin FAQ

The plugin FAQ offers a lot of information regarding the issue you might face. You can search for any similar or related issues here to get a quick solution instead of asking for support and waiting helplessly. The FAQ is a very useful tool that can help you catch up easily like the installation and the interface.

Before you would like to try a new plugin, please do read these items carefully so that you would know how to use the plugin correctly. If the plugin does not work well or has a bug on your blog, try to ask for support. If there is no support, just find another plugin to equip your blog. If you think the plugin really does a perfect job and you would like to show your appreciation, you can donate, give it a high score and share it on your blog or social media. Because the free WordPress plugins mean no warranty and the contributors or developers do not need to feedback to you. Luckily, most popular plugins are well supported and maintained.

I hope that step by step to review these items would give a better clue of what it is and how it works. I believe that you would find your idea plugin to make your blog better and better.

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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