One Love, One Lifetime

“For life or for death, however, separated.

To our wives, we pledged our word.

We held their hands; we are to grow old together with them. ”- James Legge

From the Daily Mail’s, an old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Platell, had their golden and diamond wedding anniversary. They had hoped to make it to their platinum wedding anniversary. However, while they got older, Mrs. Platell had advanced Alzheimer’s and Mr. Platell had falls and minor strokes. At the Mercy Care home, they shared a room and their beds were pushed together. Then he broke his hip and had an infection to make him weaker. Recently, they had both passed away peacefully.

I would like to share with you about certain points that touch my heart to show my respect to them:

  • Long-term relationship

Mr. Platell would pick roses or biscuits for his wife. They had been married for 70 years and I believe that their relationship would still go on and on. It is really harder and harder to have this “one love, one lifetime” relationship in this modern society. There is too much attraction and you would easily look for excitement and changes to bring energy back to your life. That makes it more difficult to find your Mr. Right or Ms. Right and your soul mate.

  • Love at first sight

Mrs. Platell said: “The first time she dated Mr. Platell. She raced home to tell her twin sister Lorraine she had just met the man she would marry.” This is so romantic and lovely. Many people have searched and searched but no result. How fortunate they are to find each other.

  • Long-term care

Mrs. Platell had Alzheimer’s. Mr. Platell was not well, either. He still insisted to take care of her and accompany her like feeding and washing. He would go to the care home to have meals with her. They would watch TV and hold hands. Mrs. Platell would feel at ease and fall asleep on his shoulder. Even when they were so weak that they needed to be bedridden, their beds were side by side to support each other.

  • Know where you belong

Mr. Platell said: “Home was wherever Mum was.” That is the best feature to describe mentally what home is. No matter where your home is, the point is to be together with each other. It does not actually matter that much where you live or how luxury your house is. You both live together and your hearts are together. You share the same value and respect each other. Love makes you strong and helps you grow.

  • Role model

Mr. and Mrs. Platell did not have a college education and much money. What puts this family together is love.

Her daughter said: “We may have been short of money, but never on love.” They worked as a team to raise their three children to be someone who is capable of helping people —a pharmacist, a surgeon, and a journalist. Their children made them proud.

  • Correct and righteous philosophy and value

Mrs. Platell wrote: “Remember that the only important things in life are family, friends, love, loyalty, and integrity. Nothing else matters.” It is true and people seldom see things so clearly and realize the truth. Most of the time, money and physical things like appearance matter more.

  • Have a good contact with your parents constantly

It is very possible that your children or even you would work abroad or far away from home. Maybe you are, too. When your parents get older, they would get sick very often. To make a phone call to share your life and what happens around you means a lot to them. Get connected with them and let them know you care about them. Mr. Platell said to his daughter: “Our often hour-long calls were like opening a window on the world for him.” Though Mrs. Platell couldn’t reply, she would like to listen to what her daughter said.

  • Amazing grace

I believe that all of you would agree with me that by the time you are over 90, most of your family and friends are dead. However, people who are inspired by this lovely couple, around 250, accompanied them before they were laid into the grave. Just imagine that all your life till the end, would so many people attend your funeral? Do you do something right so that people including the unknown would say a final goodbye to you?

  • Perfect end

At their last moment in life, they passed away almost at the same time. They held hands and stayed together until the end of life. Mr. Platell left before Mrs. Platell to make sure everything was fine. That is the perfect end of all.

To be honest, this romantic and moving story shows me that true love does exist. I believe that anyone who reads this story would feel the same. How lucky they are to have each other. How lucky I am to read this story and thank you.

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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