Multiple Kinds Of Negative People You Should Know

You would like to live a happy life. Negative people scare you away, but you cannot impossibly meet them. You would like to get away from people who make you suffer and bring you more pain. Since you cannot run away from the test in your life, why do you not get to know these negative people and try to figure out how negative people are? 

  1. Mr. Excuse

A person who likes to makes excuses and seldom takes responsibility for himself. There are certain patterns that he would have. Maybe you might have heard some of them. Maybe it would happen to you. Let’s take a look at these excuses that he might have.

  • I just cannot do it.
  • I just cannot change what I am.
  • I would give up very easily because it is so hard. I even have not started it.
  • I would feel ashamed if I fail.
  • I would care about a lot what others think about me or how others look at me.
  • It’s all because my mother told me to do.
  • It is all because what my teacher asked me to do so.
  • It is all because of my friend’s fault.
  • Nobody knows me or understands me.
  • There’s nothing I can do to make my life better.
  • There’s nobody who is willing to help me.
  • What if I fail, I could not stand up again.
  • It is because the weather is bad.
  • It is because I do not have enough money to support my business.
  • It is because I do not have enough time to prepare in advance.
  • It is because I’m not as smart as the top people.
  • The reason I cannot make it is because I do not have enough resources to start my own business.
  • It is because nobody helps me and I have to so everything on my own.
  • It is because I do not know anything about it in advance.
  • It is because I’m too fat to move fast.
  • It is because I’m too old to do more.
  • It is because I drink too much and don’t have enough sleep.
  • It is because I do not practice enough or work hard.
  • I don’t have good teachers to guide me on the road.
  • I am not born from the wealthy family.
  1. Mr. Criticism

When you have difficulties or troubles, the easies you can do is criticize. It is very common and natural to act directly. So is Mr. Criticism. You would have heard some of them in your daily life. He would keep talking and step aside to look at where the progress is, but he would not help. He usually expresses his opinions. However, He does not take any action or does anything to improve the situation. It’s easy for him to do that without actions.

  • Oh! It’s all his fault.
  • You see. I have already told you that it is not working.
  • Oh! It’s too silly to do that.
  • Oh my god! I have never seen such a thing like that.
  • It is such a useless behavior. Why do you do this do me?
  • I have never done this ridiculous thing before.
  • Why do you not do this? Why do you not fix the problem?
  • You should have an action plan and get yourself prepared.
  • You should save more than you spend money.
  • Oh! That’s so stupid to go that way.
  • I know that it is not going to work.
  • That’s so silly and wastes my time.
  • You must be crazy to spend your money all.
  1. Mr. Impulsiveness

It is easy to let go of all of your feelings. There are certain common expressions you would hear around you. Sometimes you might have said these words. It is not easy for you to self-control your words and behavior. In other words, you do not think about the consequences of your actions. So is Mr. Impulsiveness. That really causes another person to have bad responses.

  • You just do what your teacher tells you to do without plans.
  • You would have one more bite of chocolate even though you are on a diet.
  • You are just about to quit smoking and cannot stop having one last cigarette.
  • Your job bores you and you think that it wastes your time. Then it takes longer times to get the job done.
  • You seldom think about how your behavior affects people. You simply go ahead and do it.
  • You have to buy it!
  • You just couldn’t fight the desire that I want!
  • You don’t regret what you said about you!
  1. Mr. Anger

When bad or unexpected things happen to you and you don’t like them, you would feel angry or annoyed. Even more, you would feel furious. You would like to do something to release your bad feelings or emotions. So is Mr. Anger.

  • When you have a lot of problems at one time, you would be angry and wonder how this would happen to you.
  • You would be too overwhelmed to organize your thoughts or behave yourself.
  • You would be so angry that you would hurt yourself or others.
  • You could have an anger disorder or another issue.
  • You might be angry with yourself because you are incapable of doing something.
  • You are so angry that it might come with feelings of resentment.
  • You might have volatile anger or violent anger to explode like a volcano.
  • Sometimes you may not realize that you are angry. You may be sarcastic.
  • Sometimes you might be mean and apathetic to release your anger.
  • You might skip your job responsibility because you don’t know how to handle your anger.
  • You might run away from your friends and family because nobody tells you how to handle it properly.
  • You might perform badly in professional or social situations.
  1. Mr. Jealous

When you compare yourself to others and you are weaker than others, it is very easy for you to feel jealous. So is Mr.

  • You don’t think that you are good enough to compete with others.
  • You don’t have enough confidence to support you to do everything right.
  • You don’t get your job done fast and hate your colleagues who are better than you.
  • Your junior colleagues are thinner than you.
  • Your boss does not support you because he likes another team member.
  • Your colleague has a better interpersonal relationship.
  1. Mr. Fear

You fear things because of many reasons. Those are unknown and uncertain. When it is too over, you might have sweaty palms, labored breathing, and trouble speaking. You would feel weak and insecure and worry that things might go wrong. So is Mr. Fear.

  • You fear things that you do not know.
  • You fear to be rejected when you would like to promote your products.
  • You fear that the weather is bad and have a traffic jam on the way to the office.
  • You fear that you fail the expectation of your boss.
  • You fear that you miss the deadline for the project.
  • You fear to cooperate with new colleagues.
  • You fear to learn new skills.
  • You fear that you look insecure and overwhelmed when you have a presentation.
  • You fear that you have enough confidence and time to finish your job.
  1. Mr. Arrogance

Once in a while, I believe that you must have met an arrogant person. He only talks about himself and thinks he is better than others. So is Mr. Arrogance.

  • He needs to your admiration for his achievement.
  • He thinks that he stands out far more than others.
  • He likes to talk about himself or what he has done.
  • He wants to be the center of attention, no matter in any way.
  • He usually looks down on people who are not as good as he is.
  • He usually has less contempt, empathy, and selfishness.
  • He usually talks loudly and sticks to his opinion.
  • He does not think he needs anyone else. He himself is enough.
  • He is never wrong. If he is wrong, he would find a justification for his mistakes.
  • He seldom asks for forgiveness or apologizes. It is not his problem.
  • He would criticize other people quickly and emphasize their weaknesses.

You would have a chance to meet these people once in your lifetime. You can never avoid it. The point is how you deal with these tough people. You need to find out a way to adjust yourself and turn these negative feelings into a positive influence on you. It is never easy, but it is worth finding it.

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