How To Start A Blog in An Easy Way

  1. Choose Your Blog Topic

  2. Choose Your Blog Name

  3. Choose Your Blogging Platform

  4. Choose Your Blog Domain & Web Hosting

  5. WordPress One-click install to set up Your Website

  6. Blog Theme to Choose

  7. Design Your Pages

  8. Write an article and publish it

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Once you decide what to blog about, you need to learn more how to create a blog on your own. Blogging is what I love to do and can be a great help to my life. I can write my point of view and share good things with you such as healthy food and good books.

At first, I am sure that you would think about how it could be possible to start a blog on your own. What should I do to start a blog? Plenty of questions jump out of your mind without answers. Who can be so kind as to help you with it and where does the source come from? Well, I am glad you read this article! Here, I would show you how I started it until now. I have no computer science background at all. I usually use IE to Google or Microsoft office software. That is all. Nowadays with the advanced technology, the website set up and the whole package is much more complete and easier than you can imagine. You can find any solution for it online without a doubt. That is why I wish I had started blogging earlier.

Naturally, as a starter, I made lots of mistakes and learned from those experiences. I am sure many people would have the same feeling and struggle to give up or hold back. I would share what I think is good from my error or from my research on the internet. Therefore, you can skip the error and these same mistakes when you make your own blog. I believe that anyone who reads this can save time and money to learn how to start to blog immediately with no hesitation. Check out these steps to show you how to create a blog easily and quickly:

  1. Blog Topic

Blog about something you are passionate about and enjoy. From your content, you would write something full of joy and knowledge. Your readers would feel the same way. You can have multiple choices about it and just make sure you have a lot to write about so that you can keep writing. Here are some ideas that can give you a hint like your interests, cooking recipes, traveling tips, clothes, cosmetics. Your unique personal life experience can be taken into consideration, too. Sharing something that matters to you can help you feel better and may find someone like you online.

A niche blog is also an efficient way to put yourself in a certain position in your industry. Especially when you are some kind of expert or good at in a specific area like doctors or photographers. It helps you narrow down the scale and has bigger effects to help you succeed.

  1. Blog Name

Related to your blog topic theme, you certainly need to choose a good blog name. It is directly connected to you and your readers can naturally think about you and understand what you are writing about.

Also, a good blog name can be your name so that you can talk a lot about your thoughts and share your experience rather than a certain topic. Or a name can include your blog content directly or indirectly. For example, your name is Tom and you can use “” If the domain name is taken, you can use your full name “” Even though that is taken, you can add your middle name or a word that is related to your blog content like “” Certainly, a .com domain extension is the most familiar and better than .online or .net. It is just as simple as that.

  1. Blogging Platform

Choose a user-friendly blog platform is quite essential to you, especially as a starter with no IT background. As the saying goes, craftsmen must first sharpen their tools before they can do a good job, and fishermen must first repair their nets before they can catch any fish. If you want to have a successful blog, you have to choose a well-performed and easily-maintained blogging platform.

The pros and cons, WordPress comes the first in my mind. It is an open source software platform and most people would use it if they want to have their own website rather than another blogging platform. is the world’s most popular blogging software. To make it clear, and are not the same things. Most people would be confused with (a blog hosting service).

You can use to make and customize your website or blog by yourself. You can have 100% control over your blog and have a great deal of free of charge blog themes and plugins with useful functions to use. Tons of engineers work behind you and offer great support for you. You can definitely learn a lot from it. In the long run, if you want to make a money blog, you certainly need to be self-hosted.

This is a self-hosted solution and you need to find a web hosting provider which takes care of the blog backups and security with minor and affordable cost. In the long run, it allows much more potential to increase your income.

Let’s get started!

  1. Blog Domain & Web Hosting

Hopefully, you have the whole idea of what WordPress is, simply an open source software. To make your blog online and to be searched by any search engine requires web hosting from a hosting company.

Which web hosting provider should you select?

When you select web hosting providers, there are several features that you should take into account so as to make the whole process smooth and fluent:

  • Blog Protection & Security

Whether you want to start a blog or make a website, blog protection and security should be taken seriously. You never know when your blog or website would be attacked with no reason or be hijacked with malicious software. To avoid eternal damage, the web hosting provides protection is a “MUST” to think it over.

  • Blog Uptime & Speed

Readers are more and more impatient. If your blog moves slowly or your blog downtime happens very often, your readers would not come back little by little. Try to make your blog speedy and operate without any problems. If the web hosting provider has uptime guarantees, then it is undoubtedly an additional effect.

  • Customer Service & Support

When you first contact this unfamiliar computer stuff, you certainly would have multiple question mark in your head and would like to ask somebody. At this time, the web hosting provider offers 24-hour service support which is a great help and much more convenient for you. After all, your blog or website would run 24-hours a day with no rest. If it shuts down all of sudden with no reason or beyond your ability, whom can you ask for help or who can standby all time for you to use? That is the moment when you need it most. Choosing a customer-oriented provider would make you feel better and calmer when you face these IT issues.

  • User-Friendly Interface

As a starter or a freshman to choose the web hosting provider, you would feel a little bit afraid about if the interface or function is too difficult to be familiar with. Providing user-friendly interface needs to be considered for sure. If I purchase the web hosting service for a year (at least one year), what if I change my mind? Or what if I can not handle it by myself? Or what if my plan changes? Is there any backup plan? Even more, you need to check if they would be so considerate to provide you with website building tools or domain name registration.

  • WordPress Software 1-Click Setup

Since you decide to use WordPress to build our blog, it would much more convenient and wonderful for you to provide WordPress software 1-click setup. No need to worry about where and what to download and which file to save is quite a plus and helps you install it with no difficulty. The start-up cost is definitely something that needs to be included. Or if they have any free trial and refund?

After listing so many criteria to be looked at, there are two web hosting providers below for your reference (Note: there are affiliate referring links of mine. If you place an order, I will have a commission with no additional cost).

Bluehost and SiteGround provide you with as low and cheap as the only 3.95usd / a month. You can definitely afford it.

Take Siteground as an example:

This step-by-step tutorial is for a starter to give you a clue of a SiteGround hosting account, help you configure your website and make good use of the tools in the best possible way. If you haven’t already signed up for a SiteGround account, you might want to check it here. Let’s get started on SiteGround and just follow what I show you below to go through this simple and quick process.  (NOTE: there are affiliate referring links of mine. If you place an order, I will have a commission with no additional cost).

First Step: Choose Your Hosting Plan

SiteGround has three plans.

Siteground step1-plan

These images are from the SiteGround website to make you understand more easily

Here are some tips for you to choose the best and most appropriate plan to you:

  • The StartUp plan is a good choice for who is a fresh starter and has only one blog or website.
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for who plans to have for more than one website and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for who plans to run e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration


Second Step: Select & Set Up Your Domain Name

To give your blog an address in Google or IE, you would have to select and register a domain name. It is only for your blog or website so that your readers would be directed to the right path online. There are some features about picking a domain you need to specially pay attention to:

  • An easily catchy domain name such as often searched terms or keywords helps your readers connect you easily
  • Make your domain name catchy or evocative to represent what you are trying to express
  • Make your domain name memorable or related such as your name
  • Your domain name should be limited to 6 and 14 characters long
  • No need to add hyphens and include numbers so as to misleading
  • No trademarked, copyrighted, or active domain to avoid potentially legal issue

You can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain. Or you can have the free website transfer, which is included for GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Siteground step2-en

There are two different kinds of situations below:

  • Directly register a domain on SiteGround

If you would like to save some trouble and you may consider to search for your domain name and register it along with your SiteGround hosting account. The best part is that you do not have to set it up additionally because it would be configured for you by itself.

You can manage the administrative part of your SiteGround domain (like DNS settings and contact information) by clicking the User Area My Accounts Manage Domain.

  • Already having an external domain

Maybe you already have a domain name, or maybe you would like to change your web hosting provider and you would like to switch to SiteGround. Then you would have to transfer your site to SiteGround and point your external domain to your SiteGround hosting server. You would need to change your DNS setup from the cpanel of your domain registrar.

You can check the SiteGround DNS by clicking My Accounts Information & Settings Account DNS

Third Step: Review Your Plan And Your Payment on SiteGround

Next, you need to choose 12, 24 or 36 months of hosting and then simply type your account information like email & personal and payment information. You can get the same low price no matter which one you choose 1-year or 2-year or 3-year period rather than only for the longer period. Naturally, you can choose 3-year plan to keep your price low. Great! Your SiteGround account setup is complete. Let’s move on.

Note: There are three extra services that you may consider domain registration, domain privacy, and SG site scanner. It is free for your choice and your need.

Siteground step3-usd

Forth Step: WordPress One-click Install to Set Up Your Website

Excellent, you have come to the core of installing WordPress on your blog. SiteGround offers an in-house solution to to make the setup easily, called the Account Setup Wizard. It would lead you to the whole setup process of your blog or website. After your login in, the Wizard would show you a pop-up window. If you have not had a blog, you can start it right from the Wizard and click “confirm.”

As you can see the option of WordPress installation below. You can set it up  now or you can choose to remind me next time you login. Or the Wizard will save your progress for thirty days.

set up website

A new section would appear where you should enter the login information for your new WordPress application. Once you are ready click on the Confirm button.

set up hosting account

Next, choose what Enhancements you wish to add to your account – if you want to add any. When you are ready with this step – click on the Complete Setup button.

set up complete

That’s it! You can now go to the front page of your site and check out the newly installed WordPress application.

  1. Install Blog in WordPress

Once your domain and web host provider is both registered and set, you can use the one-click button to install WordPress in your customer control panel. Then you can start to customize and design your blog right after that.

  1. Blog Theme to Choose

Excellent! Your blog is set up successfully and you are the owner of a WordPress website.

In the beginning, your blog style would be used a free theme. If you do not like the layout, or you want to change another picture or your own logo and would like to add a sidebar on the right, it is all easy to be done. Even more, you would like to change the font size or color, there is no problem with that. You can change anything you want to represent yourself and your style with a click.

If you would like to try another theme, there is a button “Appearance” on the left menu and click it. Then you would see a few free themes for you to use like “Twenty Seventeen” and “Twenty Sixteen”. They are all good-looking and simple and clean design. You can try all of them to see which fits you most. If you would like to see more options, there are thousands of free themes for you to choose from. You may click the button “Add New Theme” and click the button “Feature Filter” to search for a certain style or design and then click “install” and then click “Activate”. Your blog would have a brand new look in the blink of an eye. If you do not like the way it looks, you can delete it and search again until you feel pleased and content.

  1. Design Your Pages

After making sure your blog theme, from the left menu of “Pages,” you need to add certain fixed pages such as the homepage, about, contact and other categories if you need. Add some new and beautiful pictures for your pages to use and design your log naturally. The homepage comes first when your readers visit your blog. Therefore, do spend more time taking care of it and make it sparkle and bling.

  1. Write an article and publish it

Now your blog setup is complete and ready to start writing your first article and publish it! On the left menu, you can see “Posts” and click “Add New” post. You can copy your article from your file and paste it on a default post. If you would add a wonderful picture to attract more attention, you can click “Media” on the left menu and click “Add New” and click “Select Files” to upload new media from your computer file. You can also adjust the size of the picture here. Then you can add the picture to your post. If you do not like it and would like to change something, you can “Edit” your post and click “Update”. If you want to delete it, you can click “Trash.” After you have finished all your adjustments and make your post ready, just click the “Publish” on the right side and you can view your post from the blog.

Hopefully how to start a blog guide would help you a lot. Enjoy it!

Consider this to be a space specially created by you. You own this place. A world with no losses and gains is a simple pure and clean world. Maybe it is the first time you have the opportunity to give birth to something and have 100% control and hold on to it.

Below are benefits and advantages that you would gain from writing your blog so that you can improve your life and make you a well-rounded individual.

Here are more details:

  • The Internal Part

  1. Writing a Blog can Help You Think

From the material you would like to write about, you need to concretize abstract ideas or something hard to understand and put many dots of your comprehension together in a logic way. This type of writing process is beneficial to develop your thinking and creativity abilities.

  1. Writing a Blog can Make You More focused and Recover Memories

Writing down your point of view requires focused attention, the collection of your memories and knowledge, the organization of your thoughts and discoveries. After analysis and transformation, you will be able to see things from a distance and put them into perspective in a fairly and reasonable way. Proper practice and reinforcement can make your work better and smart.

  1. Writing a Blog can Clear Your Thoughts and Mind

Practice makes perfect. Even though you are lack of writing and describing things in the beginning. Even though it is just fantasy. As more and more articles are generated, you would find it easier to do a good job. It will help you clear your thoughts and express yourself, your ideas and feelings better. That makes mutual communication more fluently. Unlike just talking with no deeper thinking and digging, you would have a distinct blueprint and picture of what is in your mind to get your point across.

  1. Writing a Blog can Make You Learn More And Make Better Decision

Writing a blog requires deeper studies and translate the information in your own words. It makes you feel insufficient and craves for knowledge. It also pushes you to learn more and expand your vocabulary.

In addition, going through the process of paper enhances your ability and improves your decision quality and accuracy.

  1. Writing a Blog can Contribute to Mental Health and Make You Feel Good

Write good things like how to achieve your goals or how you make your decision is a great thing to share your experience and to celebrate. Or write your negative feeling or special events that influence you a lot would comfort you. The whole writing tasks and sharing with others would heal the emotional wounds of your heart and help you find peace. Take a freshman as an example, he just enters society and has struggled with the transition from college. By describing what is in his mind and what bothers him, responses from others might help him find the solution so as to reduce his depression and anxiety. He would overcome tough moments faster. He would feel like he has accomplished something

  1. Writing a Blog can Improve Your Physical Health

A sound mind is in a sound body as the proverb says. The internal part of you is health and sound so as to lead to a health and sound body. Furthermore, less depression, anxiety, and stress can help you improve the immune system and have better performances. After a period of time, you would have more confidence and deal with things more easily. The outcomes are obvious with no doubt.

  • The External Part

  1. Writing a Blog can Build Your Authority and Credibility in Your Field

Simply making your blog online can demonstrate your character and personality. You can easily stand out among those who do not have done it. This is a great marketing channel and one of the effective ways to make your brand. It gives you a platform to provide consistent communication to express you yourself. Also, you can use your blog as a medium to show your unique work such as photographers and artists and get feedback about your work from your readers. As long as you build up your authority, trust and fans, the reward would come naturally. You can earn more exposure and even have side income.

  1. Writing a Blog Costs low and Saves Time

Creating a website is easy to achieve and costs low. Besides, it’s a great time-saver for promoting your ideas and your work to people. You do not have to be at a certain place and wait for your customers to come. Neither do you rent space to put your piece of work with people walking around aimlessly. You can interact with your readers whenever and wherever by news updates, emails or comments about your articles. Even more, you’ll be able to offer your service and prove your credibility at any time. That makes your work more efficient and time-saving.

  1. Writing a Blog can Gather Your Fans and Become Your Great Support

Writing a Blog and maintaining active social media is quite important for bloggers to gather your fans. You provide a useful and practical method or solution to help your readers. They read your articles and learn something or get comfort from it to improve their lives and help them make progress. Naturally, they would thank you and support you in return and increase the growth of your blog and business. That makes a good circle.

Above all, there are numerous ways to benefit you from writing a blog, even if you are just a starter. All of these would improve your mental and physical health and lead you to a more complete person and increased feeling of well-being.

Get Started to write a blog. Set up an account and publish your first post.

You would never know, maybe you will publish your book and will be a popular writer someday.

Selecting a topic to write in your blog plays an important role in a successful blog. A topic which is often talked about and highly-paid attention can attract the most readers so as to monetize your blog in the end.

A niche blog is related to a narrow topic like specific ideas, thoughts, and opinions. It is an extremely focused blog that you can take it into consideration as well. It helps you narrow down to a particular group of people like a certain industry, age groups or sport and so on. That would develop their loyalty and return rate. How to come up with your blog topic? Here are tips for you:

  1. What You must to be Passionate About

A successful blog requires fresh new content materials as well as regular posting. You need to be able to stay motivated about your blog’s topic for a long time. Be certain that the subject that you really feel strong about and genuinely take pleasure in. You would be passionate about it and devote yourself to it. Otherwise, your passion and eagerness would fade away very quickly.

  1. What You are good at and Enjoy Researching

Some bloggers are experts in a certain field which can be an advantage. They enjoy studying and doing research on their topic. Providing high-quality article with their point of view and up-to-date news would guarantee success and stand out among other bloggers easily.

  1. Narrow down your Subject and Remain Focused

Sometimes to arrow down your Subject and stick to it could be very useful while blogging. Especially when you know where your position and strategy of your blog is. You know exactly who your customers are such as their age and favorites. For instance, instead of blogging about a subject like vehicles, you could select a used-car (a popular brand like Toyota) as your writing material. That could bring the attention of certain fans.

  1. Beware of Popular Trend

A successful blog requires you to dig in a popular trend. What people care about most now today changes very fast. Writing about what they really want to know or they are curious could help you a lot. If you get used to it, well begun is half done. On the contrary, the traffic will slow down and disappear.

  1. Keep tracking Google Keyword and Do Research on the Long Tail effect

We starters most do not have deep pockets and enough experiences. Therefore, we need to have smarter blueprint and strategy to take action. Tracking Google keyword and the long tail effect could be very helpful and essential to saving limited time and resources. Therefore, it could bring high attention and traffic to your blog. Highly targeted keywords or phrases that are directly or indirectly connected to your blog would optimize your efficiency.

From the tips above, you have multiple options to write about. You can pick one or two in the beginning. It is free for you to decide. To be easy to use for you, I especially categorize them into several items below:

  1. Arts and Entertainment

Art history and supplies

Contemporary art

Creative art and process

Magic and magicians

Novels or short stories.

  1. Automotive

Car reviews, performance, accessories and parts

Car dealer and detailing tips,

Classic car and sports cars

Driving skills and tips

  1. Business

Taking photography skill and photography show

Artists and photographers can use a portfolio to show their work

Providing consulting and help for starters

Blog & website design and SEO research

Free help in your industry to attract more readers and traffic, plus great reputation and authority

Provide research or analysis (rich in content) that many people want to know in your industry

  1. Computers and Technology

iPhone and Samsung comparison

Ipad pros and cons

Technology trends & tricks.

  1. Environmental protection

Rescue animals

Pollution like trash in the sea

  1. Finance

Financial management

Balance your budget

Personal Budgeting

Credit and Credit Counseling and Tips

Currency Trading and forecast

Debt consolidation and debt management and debt relief

Personal finance and structured settlements

Taxes issues like strategy, income, property, relief, tools

Multiple loans like home equity loans, auto loans, personal loans, student loans, unsecured loans

Wealth building process and goals

  1. Food and Drink

Recipes for diabetes, children, pregnant women or your favorite meals and desserts.

Healthy eating

Eating organic and get to know it

Popular recipes for oven or microwave oven

  1. Gaming

Game tutorial for a pop game like Pokémon, Mine craft, Legend

Game introduction and demonstration

Online game

  1. Health and Fitness

Yoga, Pilates, meditation

Weight training

Marathon racing

How to lose weight in a safe and sound way

Cycling & urban commuting.

  1. Home and Family

Children care and education

Life skills and coaching

  1. Home Improvement

Interior design and reconstruction

Electrical appliance

Kitchen improvements

Cleaning tools and tips

  1. Investing

Stocks, mutual fund, investing psychology, traction fees

  1. Kids and Teens

Child care and activity, toy, teen relationship

  1. Pets

Pet medical care

Pet toys

Pet beauty & salon

Pet Accessories.

  1. Recreation and Sports

Outdoor activity

Tennis, windsurfing, basketball

Camping tour and equipment

  1. Relationship

How to establish a marriage for a long time

How to make a real and true friend

Communication between men and women

  1. Self-Improvement

Learning process

Personal development

The process to make your dream come true

Strengthen mind and mind training

Simpler and better lifestyle

  1. Shopping and Product Reviews

Purchasing Tips, coupons, seasonal discount, product review

  1. Travel and Leisure

Travel within your Budget including booking tickets, hotels, car rental and etc.

  1. Interests

How to play piano, guitar

Community /Urban farming

How to cultivate your interests

  1. Writing and Speaking

Writing and speaking Style

Rapid reading

How to speak in Public without fear

Write and collect a lot of jokes for fun and entertaining

Draw a simple comic to show life around you for fun

Try to write a poem or story to bring more attention

Be mutual to compare something like 3C product

Post inspiring and wise quotes from famous people

  1. Website and Blog Management

Handle every single comment carefully and rapidly

Make good use of Infographics for better understanding and reading

Publish online courses/e-books like affiliate marketing or SEO searching

Publish frequently asked questions and answers

Make a list of common mistakes and misunderstandings in your website

Make a plan for your website in the future or process of it

Introduce yourself and motive about why you start a blog

How to start your blog

Invite experts or famous for comments or guest posts

Make a list of online tools that help you a lot

Host a voting or guest post pitching contest or a kind of activity surprise your readers

All of these lists are far more than ever for you to use. I believe it is quite easy for you to catch up. Have fun and enjoy it!

After I start my blog for a period of time, I would like to share some of my tips with you to help you establish your blog. There is no quick way to success. However, there are some certain tips that you can make good use of. Check out what we are going to talk about today.

Everyone has his or her specific tricks. I do hope these can help you. You are welcome to share yours with mine. There are always a lot of possibilities. Let’s take a look at more details:

  1. Be honest & open-minded

Whatever you write or whatever you do on your blog, do not say anything that you do not mean it. Try to write or share anything from deep inside your heart. Do not say what you do not mean it or pretend that you like something. You should be as honest as possible about everything. You should be open-minded and make friends with them sincerely to establish your group. The amazing thing is that you make friends all over the world and search for the possibility.

  1. Enjoy yourself

No matter you do for a living, enjoy yourself. Blogging is something that you can do for your whole life. Love what you do and stick to it. Therefore, you can keep doing it for a long time. Your readers would feel the joy that you have and would be benefited from it.

  1. Unswerving from start to finish

Maybe you start a blog for a certain purpose. Maybe you publish a post every other day. Maybe you write for a narrow topic. No matter what it is, it is all right. The most important of all, be unswerving from start to finish. Do not change your schedule or topics very often. Your visitors might not come back if your blog or website is too unpredictable and changeable.

  1. Be inspired by your readers

When you look for the topic of articles, you can have great ideas from your readers. They would tell you what they want to know or learn more. You do not have to worry about what you write cannot attract your readers. Try to think about what your readers need. That would help your blog traffic.

  1. Get to know your audience

As your blog or website grows, you have more and more visitors. Try to collect data from your readers such as sex, age, online facility, behavior, and etc. Try to analyze the data to get useful information and make good use of it.

  1. Free and valuable courses

Everyone wants free, helpful, and valuable information. That is why they are here to visit your blog. That is why they keep coming back. Do not be afraid to share your knowledge and experience. The more you give, the more you get. If you are not willing to share what you know, your visitors would find it somewhere else on another blog or website. You do not want that to happen, do you? Be more helpful to them and create more added value. It is never wrong.

  1. Page – about me

Simply introduce yourself about your education, working experience, expertise, and anything you would like to talk about. Or you can write something particular to let your readers know more about you. Or you can talk about your philosophy and lifestyle. Or you can share your certificate and training to show your professional training. Even your passion, dream, and the reason why you want to start a blog are ok to share with your readers.

  1. Feedback to comments

It is very important that you interact with your readers. Except for social media, the most direct way to interact with your readers is feedback to comments. No matter good or bad comments, be genuine and polite to them. We all want good comments naturally. Regarding suggestion or bad comments, be open-minded to deal with it. People like to see really you, your true face. When your readers leave comments, most of them would come back to check your feedback. It is pretty good for your traffic as well.

  1. Akismet

The WordPress plugin “Akismet” is installed by millions of blogs and websites. It can filter out spam comments and keep your blog or website clean. Simply go to the plugin area and search for it to install. Then you do not have to worry about spam comments anymore.

  1. Build a call-to-action

Make it clear about what you expect your readers to do. Maybe you would need them to sign it up for your free online course while they do not get the idea. Maybe you would like to invite your readers to follow you on social media. Maybe you would like to urge them to check more information on your blog. This is pretty useful to remind them as well.

  1. Try to get more followers

Your fans and followers are people who support you. They would follow you because of many reasons. Maybe they like the way you look at things. Maybe they appreciate that you inspire them. Maybe they think that you sparkle their lives. No matter what reason it is, the more loyal followers, the better. Start at least one thousand followers to boost your blog. Step by step to get more and more followers. Your blog traffic would be more and more stable. For example, I use Tailwind to schedule my pins which helps me a lot.

  1. Build an email list

To build an email list is a good way to collect emails. Try to provide something valuable and free to invite your visitors to apply for it. Collect as more emails as possible. You would have more chances to market your post or product in the long run. It means that they would become your potential customers in the future. Click here and get started today to see how Convertkit, a professional email provider, helps you.

  1. Subscribe to your post

Your visitors like your articles and would like to subscribe to your post. They would like to get the first notice when you publish a post. They would like to keep in contact with you. It is important to put the “subscribe” button at the conspicuous position. Whenever they would like to subscribe, they can do it easily and right away. Click here and get started today to see how OptinMonster helps you.

  1. Social share button

We human beings are social animals. We all like to get involved socially and belong to a social group. That makes social media so popular. That makes a social share button quite essential. Share! Share! Share! Very important. That is why I repeat it three times. Good or bad experience, you want to share. Celebrity news or gossip, you want to share. How to live a balanced life, you want to share. Do not underestimate the power of it. The more times people share your blog or posts, the more people would know about you. Especially pop social media share button must be included. Click here and get started today to see how Envato Elements offer multiple choices for you.

  1. Hire an expert

Honestly speaking, nobody is good at anything or has so much time to do everything. That is why a company needs to hire so many people to do different work. That is why there are so many kinds of work in the world. Having a blog requires a lot of different job functions. You can go to Fiverr & Flexjobs and hire an expert to do what you are not good at or what you are not willing to do. For example, you are a bad illustrator and would like to put some illustrations on your blog. Then you can check out Fiverr & Flexjobs and search for illustrators to match your needs. Or you are a slow writer and would like to hire another writer to write for you. Usually, there are hundreds of people for you to choose from. Let others do what you are not good at. You can focus on your blog development and promotion to have a better result. It is wonderful and not expensive for every blogger. Simply give it a try.

After you build a wonderful website, you need to know how to drive more traffic to your website. The first rule and ultimate rule is “more visitors, more income.” This works in every way. There is no fast and easy way to attract more readers. Unless you pay for Google keywords, it would be faster. However, it is no cheap and not a lot of people can afford it. What you can do is think and act like marketers and do it every day. Let’s check out what to talk about today,

Most people, including me, think that a blog needs over one million page views per month to make money from it. No, the answer is absolutely not. There are so many different and niche blogs which have different visitors who read your blog for different purposes. You have to know what they need and how to connect their needs with your affiliate plans, so you can make money while your traffic is not that high. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Check what is hot now for your post subject

At a different time, people are interested in different things. That is for sure. For example, before Christmas, people would go shopping and buy gifts for their families and friends. They would like what gifts are the best choices. During the year of the world football game, people are interested in football players and events. To try to predict what is going to be hot and popular like marketers is very important to all of you.

  1. Publish high-quality content and posts regularly

Each single blog posts should be useful, informative, and high-quality and help your visitors learn something and get something. It would not only help them but also help your blog to attract them to come back again and again. A blog post has better be at least 800-1500 words and should be published regularly. The more, the better. It means your post has more complete information for your readers. Keeping doing it would lead your blog to success.

  1. Hot blog headline

The headline of your post is what your readers see first. That makes your headline more important to make it catchy to make your reader click and read. The headline is also about what you want to talk about. You need to use the right keywords with proper length to include the whole message to express.

  1. Stunning Image

A good picture is more than a thousand words. Nowadays, people are more used to images than words. That helps your readers catch your idea quickly. If your images have a better expression, then your blog would be more attractive and your readers would love to share it on social media. Click here and get started today to see how Envato Elements offer multiple choices for you.

  1. Internal Linking

Internal linking means that you link a post to another related post of your blog to show their connection and to let people stay longer on your blog. Pay attention to it and establish your site structure.

  1. Blog SEO optimization

SEO is a process to improve your blog rank in the search engines. That includes widely like blog structure (homepage, categories, tags, search bar, about, recommend), speed, keywords, responsive friendly, image optimization, post headlines, and so on. There are so many details that you need to adjust and focus.

  1. Create your online course

When you are good at some kind of skills and would like to teach others in your blog. You can take a look at Udemy. Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform with over 80,000 courses and 24 million students. You can show your expertize and teach people to get more followers.

  1. Social media

Share your post to social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Snapchat, Youtube for you may check out. Be active on the social media that fits your blog or website and attracts different traffic. Many people stay on social media very often. You can meet a different group of people and make them become your followers. Never underestimate the power of them.

Pinterest is a social media web and mobile application company. It is also one of the popular social media and a useful tool to drive a lot of traffic to your blog or website. It uses images to provide information. Focus on Pinterest marketing is very crucial. Create good images with the key description and pin regularly. People use Pinterest as another search engine to find out what they want to images. I also use Tailwind to schedule my pins which helps me a lot.

Twitter is an online news and social networking service for users to post and interact with others. Tweets are restricted to 280 characters. You need to follow and retweet others and they would usually do the same thing back. Try to interact with groups and people who are interested in your content to attract more people to visit your blog.

Create a Facebook fan page of your blog to post your latest articles, your points of views, and any other you would like to share with your visitors. You can also what readers about what they think and care about to collect information that you need. Or any information or news that you would like to talk about is fine.

YouTube is a website which focuses on video-sharing. YouTube allows you to upload, view, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. You can make your own show and show it to the whole world. Many people become stars and have their own fans.

People have many kinds of questions. They would go to Quora to ask questions and answer questions. It is good that everyone gets what they want. It is also a good opportunity to show your points of view and to help people. You can establish your authority in your field.

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. There are various kinds of topics including news, books, music, movies, food, and so on. You can certainly you’re your related group and try to interact with them and get more visitors to your blog.

  1. Interact with related bloggers

Try to make friends with them via email and social media which is convenient for both of you. You can have a discussion about what is the difficulty, the trend, and the trick with them. You can write a guest post to exchange visitors to drive more traffic to each other. Or you can invite them to talk about your blog in their post to get more exposure. Be friends with them with your true hear and help each other grow.

  1. Social share button

When you read an article which is so good, touched, and useful, you would like to share it with your friends and family on social media. It is very natural and instinct. That is exactly what you should do to add social share buttons on each of your post. Your readers would share your post easily and happily to more potential readers.

  1. Build an email list

Build an email list to collect emails to market your post or product in the future. You need to establish your own email marketing strategy and offer something free or attractive enough to let your readers subscribe to your blog. Try to collect as many email addresses as possible. They would become your potential customers in the future. Click here and get started today to see how Convertkit, a professional email provider, helps you.

  1. Affiliate program

You can design an affiliate program for those who would like to promote your blog or e-book or course online. With proper incentive and good product, you would certainly have more and more business. Or you can join other affiliate programs like Viglink and Sharesale to help you grow your blog.

  1. Buy Advertisement & keywords

If you have more budget, you would have more visitors in a short time. Buying an advertisement and keywords are the fastest way to get attention. There are many options for advertisement like Google, Facebook, and Youtube.

Step by step to repeat the process. Remember, it is not a fast solution. It is a process. Keep doing it and improve your blog and post. More and more visitors would come to your blog and become your followers.

Many people are curious about the topic and wonder how to do it. I believe that you would agree with me. This is a question that everyone wants to have answers. There are many ways to make money from your blog and I would tell you more details about it.

Here are more details about where your blog income actually comes from:

The online world is so huge for all of us and still growing. Naturally, every blogger has different topics and ways to make money. Everyone has a different story and strategy. Therefore, I believe there are a lot of chances and potential for you and me. Here are more details:

  1. Affiliate program

An affiliate program is a popular way to earn a living online. If you like a product which is related to your blog and would like to share your comments with your readers, you can try to find if there is an affiliate program to join. This can be a way to make money passively. There are various kinds of affiliate programs like Shareasale, Viglink, and so on.

  1. Sell your online course

Maybe you are a photographer or you are good at something like cooking, you would like to teach others to make some money. There are many digital software and facilities to help you make your course. You certainly should not waste your talent. You can check out Udemy to find more students who are willing to pay little for your lessons. You can create your own teaching materials including videos and worksheet exercises to host an online course on your blog.

  1. Sell your own product like an e-book or Kindle book

When you write a lot of articles about yourself or your story, you can collect them and reorganize them to publish. Maybe you would attract more readers who are interested in you. That would open a new door for you.

  1. Provide your coaching or consulting service

Maybe you are good at SEO concept, you can provide your service for people who need it. Maybe you are an engineer, you can provide your technical support for people who have no idea at all. Or you can promote your service on Fiverr & Flexjobs as a virtual assistant and promote your blog. It is great to work at the same time.

  1. Be a freelancer

You can add a page of “About me & Hire Me” to promote yourself to be a freelancer. Your blog proves that you can write and make money from it. You can also provide your writing skills in on Fiverr & Flexjobs and invite people to visit your blog. Maybe someone likes your article and would like to hire you to write for him.

  1. Google Adsense & Ezoic

When your blog is stable and has more than 10 thousand visitors per month, Google Adsense & Ezoic are other options for you to look at. It is a kind of advertisement to put on your blog. It can tell which kind of advertisement that fits your readers most automatically. Therefore, it would increase the possibility that your readers would be interested in it and click it. This is a good way to turn your blog traffic into revenue. The more page views and clicks your blog has, the more money you make.

  1. Advertisement space

You can sell advertisement space on your blog. Maybe on the top or on the right side, these are good options for companies to put an advertisement banner there. You can list how much to charge for one day to one month just like a newspaper.

  1. Build an email list

Build an email list to collect emails so as to market your service and product in the future. You need to offer something free or attractive enough to let your readers subscribe to your blog. You can establish your own email marketing strategy and try to collect as many email addresses as possible. They would be your potential customers in the future. Click here and get started today to see how Convertkit, a professional email provider, helps you.

  1. PayPal donation

Maybe you work for a charity or nonprofit organization. You can set up a PayPal donations button to ask for support and donations. Therefore, you can help more people and focus on charity.

  1. Provide blogging-related services

You can teach others how to start a blog or create a blog for others. Or you can show people how you make money from your blog like social media strategy or SEO guide to attract more readers. Be a nice and friendly teacher or helper to anyone who needs it. You would be appreciated back for sure.

  1. Promote your E-commerce business

Make good use of your blog as a marketing tool to publish your product related post. Or you can teach people how to use your product and invite your customers to share their ideas.

  1. Premium membership

If your blog is about how to invest in the stock market, you would publish the forecast very often. How do you invite your readers to subscribe to your blog and pay for it? Your content must be very valuable and help your readers make money in the stock market. If you divide your content into different levels, only premium members can get the key information. Naturally, they would pay for it.

  1. Paid Reviews

If your blog is popular or you join an affiliate program, some companies related to your blog would try to contact you to see if any possibility to let you try their products and share your reviews on your blog. Therefore, you would be paid for it. It does not promise to be 100% positive review. It should be an honest review to let your readers make the decision.

There are so many ways to let you give it a try. Take your time and enjoy the process. Remember, blogging is not a way to make quick money. There is no certain answer to tell you how long your blog would start to make money like a full-time job. Maybe you start making over a thousand dollars a month after six months of blogging. Maybe it takes you over a year to make money. Everyone has his own pace. If you take it seriously, you would have more potential to develop your own brand and business.