“Our lives are a mixture of different roles. Most of us are doing the best we can to find whatever the right balance is . . . For me, that balance is family, work, and service.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

In this fast-paced and highly stressed world, everyone plays many different roles in his or her daily life and has multiple ways of lives that he or she can choose. As far as I am concerned, I have many roles as a daughter, a mother, a wife, a full-time job worker, a colleague, a friend and etc. The complexity is far more than you can imagine. The more complicated it is, the more difficult it is. If possible, I believe that most people would like to be able to take care of everyone and everything perfectly. However, it is just like “Mission Impossible”, rarely achieved and causes a lot of pressure, pain, and suffering.

A balance of life has a different meaning to each individual and varies a lot in different stages of life. Perhaps it means a peaceful mind by yoga and meditation. Or probably it means work-life balance by good management. Or maybe it means family harmony by sharing and supporting. That is why finding a balance in life is so difficult and so important.

Take me as an example, I need to divide my life into several parts so that I can deal with my life properly and fluently, including 6/10 for my work, 2/10 for my family, 1/10 for myself, and 1/10 for my social life. After a period of time to suffer and to practice, the mess and order finally come to achieve balance. Here are my tips:

How To Define And Find The Meaning Of Balance Of Life

  1. Spare some time for yourself

  2. Give yourself quiet and downtime and reassess yourself honestly

  3. Strengthen your mind

  4. Find and Define your balance of life

  5. Accept them, Face them, Deal with them

Here are more details:

  1. Spare some time for yourself

Either early in the morning or late at night, or even 5-minute break, give yourself a moment, find a place to be alone and have a long and deep breath to settle down.

  1. Give yourself quiet and downtime and reassess yourself honestly

Clear your head and mind to have a fresh start. Think it over and carefully about what to do or not to do and what you have done or have not done.

  1. Strengthen your mind

No anger, no jealousy, no bias, no pity, and no regrets, just find out what or who influences or matters to you most.

  1. Find and Define your balance of life

Finding happiness, peace, and harmony in your life can lead you to the path of the balance of life such as the happier, healthier and more fun.

  1. Accept them, Face them, Deal with them

Take this as a slogan and live at the moment and carry it on every day.

 “Find your balance and stand with it. Find your song and sing it out. Find your cadence and let it appear like a dance. Find the questions that only you know how to ask and the answers that you are content to not know.”–Mary Anne Radmacher

After practicing these steps often, you would feel more refueled and refocused no matter in your mind or body. This method is simple and easy to be done. Just a moment to reconnect with your mind and soul or to visualize your dreams or desires, you can easily clarify what is important and what is not. Have confidence in yourself and very much welcome to join me to find your balanced life.

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