Fighting for Peace – Creamed Clam Pasta

This Island is located in Keelung City and connected to the land by 2 bridges. Its geographic landscape is rare and the island’s history is as complicated as the scenery.  In addition, to be a Japanese settlement, it was a colonial outpost for the Spanish.  Then the Dutch won the decisive battle on this island against the Spanish and took over the ruling power. Most recently it was a restricted military area for the Taiwanese armed forces and was just turned into the Peace Island Coastal Park in the past few years.

Keelung Tourism

In addition to the pre-reserved guided walking tour on the Peace Island, another attraction for the foodies is its fish market. It is right across from an abandoned shipyard. After watching the fishermen unloading the fresh catch of the day, the 5cm large clams caught my attention and was turned into a mouth-watering dish as follows. The centerpiece of this recipe is to collect the clam juice and infuse into the pasta.  The heavy cream enhances the delicate clam flavor.  Of course, the essence of it is to prepare a sufficient amount of clam to generate rich flavor.  Although it is time-consuming, yes, I will do it again.

Peace is what we all need to fight for.

Creamed Clam Pasta

Preparation: 60 minutes

Overall cooking time: 9 hours

Skill level: Medium

Number of Servings: 3


Clam                                        2 Kg

Garlic                                      2 cloves, pounded once

Salt                                          4t, 1t for each soaking

Organic Pasta, Fusilli            250 g, (Granoro brand, Italy)

Olive Oil                                  2T

Red Onion                               1/2 chopped

Heavy Cream                          50 ml (President brand)

Nutmeg                                   1 pinch freshly grounded

Organic sweet chili                3 (optional)

White grape wine                   2T

Black pepper                           1/2 t

Creamed Clam


  1. Scrub the shells of clam to remove any visible stain. Soak the clams in a covered pot with enough water to cover all clams.  For each soaking add 1t salt.  Check every 1-2 hours to see whether the soaking water is clear.  If not, discard the soaking water and repeat this step.  It took me 4 soaking to complete this step.  Buying smaller clam may be less labor-intensive.
  2. Add garlic, 1t of salt and 1/2 cup of water in a covered pot and bring to a boil. Add prepared clams and cover to cook until all clams are opened. Remove meat and discard the shells. This step generates about 1 cup of clam meat.  Save the cooking juice and drain.
  3. Cook the dry pasta following package direction but cut the cooking time in half and drain the water. Add enough clam juice and water until it is 100% cooked without any liquid left in the pot.
  4. Sauté the chopped onion till tender, add the cooked pasta, the white wine, heavy cream, black pepper, and sweet green chili. Adjust the seasoning to fit your preference. Turn off the heat and add the clam meat and stir.
  5. Serve immediately.

Variations: mussels or smaller clams can be used instead of the large clams in the photos.

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