Egg Plant Pasta with a Yogurt Sauce – It’s Greek in a Plate 

What are the typical Greek ingredients? Feta Cheese, oregano, eggplant, Greek Yogurt, Tomato, Olive Oil are all in this dish.  From a Nutritionist’s recipe, Greek yogurt is recommended as a good substitute of bechamel, the famous French white sauce made with butter, flour and milk, to reduce fat and calorie intake. Greek yogurt is also an economical source of protein, not to mention the good bacteria inside to keep your intestine and therefore your immune system running smoothly. There you go, yogurt is not just a dessert ingredient for drinks and sweet and yogurt you may not eat so regularly. Incorporate into savory dishes in order to increase the frequency of having healthy recipes.

Honestly, moussaka is my favorite Greek dish I used to make.  I have following the best moussaka recipe I can find and it starts with frying eggplant, zucchini and pumpkin slices in olive oil. It’s so good and I have made it several times. It tastes very creamy at the expense of high fatty contents. You need to go to the gym more than a few more times to get the calorie out of your system.  It is worth it. But when you are counting calories, this recipe is a good substitute.

We are lucky to have access to organic Japanese eggplants in Taipei, which is more tender compared to the long Chinese eggplants and the very large and slightly bitter western eggplants.  In RT-Mart organic Japanese is a regular stable and sold at a very affordable price.  In planning this recipe, plenty of vegetables are selected to be hidden in the whole wheat pasta. That’s what every mother wants to hide in daily diet. It is working, use popular dishes but raise the bar of selected ingredients.  This is one trick I used to play.

Preparation 25 minutes

Overall cooking time: 35 minutes

Skill level: Easy


Pasta                                            250g

Greek Yogurt                             1 cup

Garlic                                          4 cloves finely chopped

Organic Japanese Eggplant    500g or 5 small

Organic white onion                 1 large, chopped into 1cm cubes

Feta Cheese                                100g in 1cm cubes

Oregano                                      1T

Organic Tomato cubes            1 can with juice

Olive Oil                                     2T

Paprika                                       1T

Black Pepper                             1 pinch

Pasta cooking Water                2T

Basil leaves                                1T


  1. Cook 1/2 package of pasta of your choice following the direction in the label. About 250g of Rinatura Vollkorn-Spiralen, which is an Italian brand of whole wheat pasta, was used as in the picture. Save 2T of the cooking water.
  2. Use 2T olive oil to fry chopped onion till translucent. Add sliced eggplants and cook for 5 minutes or till done. Add 1 tin of organic tomato and bring it to broil.
  3. Add all seasoning and pasta and 2T cooking water and stir till mixed. Remove from stovetop.
  4. Top with Greek Yogurt and top with basil strips.
  5. Stir before easting. It can be used as a side dish for 6 or a single meal for 3. It is quick and simple.

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