Cadiz Tuna Stew– Spain and the New World 

Cadiz is an ancient town on the Atlantic side of Spain.  The town is famous for the returning point when Christopher Columbus brought the exotic finding from the New World. Can you imagine the time when there is no potatoes, tomatoes or sweet corn on the table before Columbus’ expedition?  It is a seaport surrounded 3-side by the sea, where its fisherman can catch tuna swimming from the Atlantic before entering the Mediterranean.  Rick Stein, a well known BBC TV chef, says the people who love the seafood the most are Spaniards and Japanese. Following his demonstration, the following dish is made with my twist. I like this recipe for its simplicity and it has incorporated three new produce from the New World and the Old World – tomato, tomato, and tuna.

Most Japanese would strongly recommend tuna is best eaten in its raw format, i.e. sashimi, which is not my cup of tea.  The Kadiz recipe cooks the tuna and keeps the center of the tuna slightly pink to retain its soft texture.  Of course, this dish can be prepared with lid covered to reduce the greasy vapor generated from the cooking process, so you need not to inhale those hazardous pollutants into your lung.

Preparation 30 minutes

Overall cooking time: 60 minutes

Skill level: Easy


New Potato                             7 small

Tuna steak                               500 g (The fillet is at least 2cm thick, you can substitute with two whole sea fish that can fit into your pan)

Garlic                                       4 cloves finely chopped

Organic tomato puree         2T

Organic white onion            1 large, chopped into 1cm cubes

Organic red pepper              1 large, chopped into 1cm cubes

Paprika                                    1T

Black Pepper                          1 pinch

Olive Oil                                  1T

Water/white wine                1T


  • Use a medium pot, add 1/2 T of salt and cook the tomato whole till it can be pierced with a knife to ensure it is fully cooked. Cooking a potato whole can best retain its full flavor.  Peel the skin when it is cold enough to handle.  Slice into 0.7cm thick pieces and spread in a container that can fit and can go into your oven.
  • Preheat your oven to 180C
  • Cut the tuna fillet into 4 to 6 pieces. Place on top of the potatoes.  Season the whole lot with 1/2t  salt and 1/4t pepper.
tuna fillet
  • Add all remaining ingredients, except the water/wine, into a covered pot. Turn on high heat. Stir occasionally till the onion is translucent. Add water/wine to make it more sauce-like.
tuna and onion
  • Spoon over tuna and potatoes.
  • Bake 10-15 minutes or till you start to smell the fragrance from paprika. Use a thin steak knife to test the doneness of tuna. It is done when the knife is removed and felt like warm to retain the pink color in the center.
tuna and potatoes
  • Take us and rest for 5 minutes. You can serve with boiled sweet corn to add more New World charm into this course.

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