Believe It Or Not – Prenatal Memory

Today, I read the news regarding the fetal memory which you might have heard of it. Some people might not believe that a baby has a fetal memory because he is too young to remember anything or to express himself clearly. Even though a baby can tell you exactly how it is when he is in the womb, you would have reasonable doubts about it. After all, this is not something serious. It is fine that you can just consider it another story I would like to share with you.

To me, as a married woman, I always think that my baby is the most precious gift that I have ever had in my life. Maybe some people would disagree with me and some would have different opinions. I respect that. As far as I am concerned, I always want to have a baby after I am married. It is the most natural thing for me. I love my babies and I never want to let somebody else take the responsibility of raising them, feeding them, and taking care of them when they are ill. To do what you have to do at the different stages of your life is the right attitude that you should have. I enjoy the process and try to have fun every day even though it would dry me crazy sometimes.

  • Case 1: a two-year-old boy

Mom: Do you remember what it was about when you were in my womb?

Boy: Yes, I do. I was swimming.

Mom: How did you feel when you were in my womb?

Boy: I felt safe, comfortable, well-protected, and warm.

Mom: Is it the reason why you did not want to come out of my womb after your expected date of childbirth?

Boy: Yes, it was too cozy to be there.

Mom: Do you want to go back to my womb?

Boy: Yes, I do. I enjoyed myself a lot there.

  • Case 2: a two-year-old daughter

Mom: Do you remember where you lived before you were born?

Daughter: Yes, I do, right here, pointing to my belly.

Mom: What were you doing there?

Daughter: I was playing ropes all the time.

Mom remembers clearly that whenever she had a prenatal examination, the umbilical cord was entangled in different positions. It is so true and makes Mom feel super amazing after her daughter shares the information with her. It is said that children choose their parents. Then I ask my daughter.

Mom: Why do you want us to be your parents?

Daughter: I lived there at that time with other children, pointing to the sky. We were waiting in line. When it was my turn and I looked at that way, pointing down and seeing Mom and Dad. I wanted you both to be my parents. Afterward, I just went to Mom’s belly.

Mom and Dad are greatly touched by the whole thing. However, when Mom asks his son at the age of two, it is interesting that he has no idea at all.

  • Case 3: a two-year-old daughter

Mom: Do you remember the time when you lived in my belly?

Daughter: Yes, I do. It was a dark and little bit pink in your belly. I was swimming and playing the umbilical cord.

Mom: Why do you want to be my baby?

Daughter: When I was a little angel, I looked at you at the bedside for five days and decided that I wanted you to be my mom.

  • Case 4: a two-year-old boy

Mom: What were you doing before you came to my belly?

The boy suddenly cries heartbreakingly.

Boy: Mom, why do you keep me waiting so long? I do not think that you want me anymore. I came here twice. The first time I felt very cold and failed to make it because of the abortion. The second time I was brought by God because I like Mom and this family so much.

Mom feels very emotional and poignant. Why is that? Because she suffered a miscarriage in the past. She dreamed that a lady wearing a white dress beckoned to a boy wearing white trousers. She saw him walk to the lady slowly. She kept saying sorry to him. He turned around, smiling at her, and said that it was all right and he would be waiting for her. Then they both disappeared into the fog. Once she found out that she was pregnant, she knew that he was back to her again.

  •  Case 5: a two-year-old boy 

This mom reads the articles regarding pre-birth memories and feels curious about it. She tries to ask her son whose answer makes her gooseflesh. He does not answer it when the first time she asks him. Then he suddenly responds to her.

Mom: Why do you want to be my son?

Boy: We, many little children, looked at you above the clouds and picked our favorite mom and dad as mom and dad. (This makes Mom feel so amazing)

Mom: How did you come to my belly?

Boy: After picking my favorite mom and dad, there was a door to allow me to walk directly into your belly.

Mom: What were you doing in my belly?

Boy: It was warm, comfortable, and kind of salty. There was water everywhere. I was playing all the time and drank a lot of water sometimes. Sometimes I could hear what mom and dad were talking about.

Mom: Why do you want to be my baby?

Boy: Because Mom kept crying and so did Dad. That was why I came for you and you would not cry anymore.

She had an abortion when she was pregnant for the first time. She was very sad then. After she heard him say that, the smile on her face was so beautiful that cannot be described in words. That is all about.

Maybe you would laugh about it and think it is impossible. Maybe you would take it seriously. What is for sure, your babies do hear you during the pregnancy. Watch out carefully for what you say and how you feel. If you ask your children about the pre-birth memories and they do tell you, please do not laugh at them and try to understand what it is about. It is not necessary to say something ridiculous to fool you especially when your babies are less than three.

It could not be too bad to say good things to your babies. The communication between each other can make you all feel happy. Pregnant moms can often touch your bellies gently and softly and speak to your babies. Your babies would feel secure and cozy. So is Dad. No matter how hard and tire you are, do spend some time talking to your babies. It is certainly good for you all.

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