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Recently I am in love Eve channel who has a television show called Clean House. The television show has three parts:

  • A brief introduction about the background of the family let you understand why and how this happens.
  • The process of letting go of things is my favorite part. The Clean House team would try to convince the family members to sell as many things as possible like their collection and memorial things.
  • The Clean House team would have a yard sale and try to make money to redecorate the house.
  • The Clean House team would design and organize the whole necessary room and function to help the family find their life back.

Personally, the reasons I like the television show are:

  • So many people have so many things and put them at home to affect their lives.
  • So many people carry so many burdens no matter in an internal or external way.
  • Many people need someone or a team to help you deal with this situation.
  • Many people want to be loved and change their lives.
  • The Clean House team does more than they should and help more people.

After watching The Clean House, it does inspire me that you can really do something about it to have your life no matter it is inside or outside your life. However, it does have difficulties to actually do it. Maybe you have little to declutter which is easy. Once you have too much to declutter, it can very hard for you to start. Every day when you wake up in the morning, you might think that you would like to do something about it. You would give yourself many excuses to start to deal with it. For example, you would say that you are too busy to handle it. Or you have no idea of how to handle it. Or you do not think that it is your responsibility to clean it all by yourself. Therefore, what you can do is that you can find a good reason to push yourself to do it. Let’s take a look at it.

Amazing Benefits of a Clean House:

  1. Feel calm and happy

  2. Less stress

  3. Better health

  4. A sense of accomplishment

  5. More creative

  6. Be well-organized

  7. More productivity

  8. Safe environment

  9. Keep your life simple

  10. Decrease familial argument

  11. Save time

  12. Save money

  13. Make money

  14. Donate

  15. Improve environmental protection

  16. Improve social relationship

Here are more details:

  1. Feel calm and happy

When you come back home, you do not want to face chaos. If you do live in an untidy and crowded home, you would hardly feel calm and find your happiness. You would find yourself hardly feel comfortable and relax at home. It is not supposed to be in that way. If you want to leave all the bad feelings and chaos outside, it is the right thing to do.

  1. Less stress

Nobody would feel nothing or OK when he or she lives in an untidy house. It is true and honest. You are born to be clean and fresh. You are not supposed to live in a house which is filled with so many useless things. Day after day, you would have more and more stress inside you unconsciously. It is pretty scary because you have a hidden killer around you and you do not know it. That is why clean and organized houses would make you happy and comfortable. Less stress often means a healthier mind and body. Thus you would improve your immune system and get recharged more easily.

  1. Better health

If you live in a dusty and nasty house without cleaning regularly, you would be surrounded by bacteria and have a cold easily. You would need to see a doctor and take medicine a couple of times. You would suffer from allergies more often. Get up and clean the house to avoid allergies & cold and make you do something instead of being a couch potato. A nice and dust-free environment can help you keep all family healthy.

  1. A sense of accomplishment

When you do the cleaning and accomplish it, you sit down and look everything around you. It is so amazing that you could have done it. It is so encouraging. You would feel that you can do anything.

  1. More creative

A well-organized house can redefine your needs and the function of the room. You would know what to put and where to put. You would have a chance to rethink what to do and how to do which make your home better and more convenient. You would have a chance to develop your idea of decorating and makes use of modern design and furniture. You would know what is left and needed.

  1. Be well-organized

Cleaning the house help you practicing and put things in order. You need to figure out how to clean efficiently and how to organize things. For example, I would think the frequency to use these things or tools. If the answer is no, you definitely need to get rid of it. Or when you would like to add furniture in the house, try to figure which furniture needs to go and try to give you reasons to add it.

  1. More productivity

Just imagine that you live in a tidy or untidy house. Which one would you choose? Which one makes you happier? Which one can help you get more productivity? The answer is simple and clear, certainly a tidy house. Look at things around you. You would know what to do at home. You could focus on what should be done easily without so many distractions from your clutter. Wherever you do, nothing is in your way. Whatever you want to do, nothing would stop you. With minor distraction, you can do more and feel calm in mind. You can process more information which leads to more productivity.

  1. Safe environment

If you have so many things on the desk, on the table, and on the shelf, how would you know how to find what you need? And how do you know if you buy duplicate things? If you have younger children, it is even worse. You cannot put things at will and on the ground. Your children would try to touch and search anywhere they go. It is your responsibility to provide a safe environment. It is your duty to prevent them from harm and accidents. When a room is full of clutter, it is more difficult to guarantee your children 100% safety.

  1. Keep your life simple

After you clean the house and organize things, do you want to start all over again? Do you want to buy all you want and put things everywhere? Do you want to add useless things and clean the whole mess again? I believe that the answer is no. It is a good chance to keep your life simple. One in, one out. Just simple and clear.

  1. Decrease familial argument

When you get married and have children, you would have more and more things in the house. Usually, your husband would expect you to take more responsibilities. Your husband would expect you to stand up, prepare for dinner, and clean the dishes. Your husband would expect you to do the laundry and make everything all set. You both work and come back after a long day. You both would like to sit down and have a break. These certainly make you blame each other for the whole mess. Your children have a lot of toys which make it worse. Even though you both do not want it to happen, it does happen all the time. If you and your spouse could work together as a team, you both would feel a lot easier and calm. A clean and cozy home would prevent all these arguments easily.

  1. Save time

When you place everything in order, you know exactly where you put things. You can find what you need very quickly. You save a lot of time and you don’t have to rush in and rush out for something.

  1. Save money

Before you go shopping, you would step back and think if it is really necessary to buy or if you can fix the old one to make it work. If you need to keep your home clean, you would buy less and less. If you know what you have at home, you would avoid duplicate things. Because you use your head to buy things, you would not let it out of control. It means that you save a lot in your pocket to do other things.

  1. Make money

When you have so much clutter, there are several ways to make money from it:

  • Sell online like eBay, especially some memorable things or things that are worth to collect.
  • Yard sale to invite people and demonstrate all the things together.
  • The flea market
  1. Donate

After you start the process of cleaning the house, you would have many things that you do not need in the future. You can find a suitable charity organization or any charity activity to give. You can support it and clean the house at the same time. It is a win-win. Good job!

  1. Improve environmental protection

When you make your life simple, you would buy less and less. What does it mean? You need to throw away fewer things in the future. You produce less garbage which is friendly to the environment. Your behavior and kindness make the earth a beautiful place. Isn’t it so great to you?

  1. Improve social relationship

If your house is untidy and dirty, it would be the last thing you would do to invite your relative, neighbors, and friends to visit your sweet home. Why? Your home is not sweet at all. Your home would be criticized for many reasons which lead to your fault. You would be blamed and you do not want it to happen. Whenever your friends want to visit, it is very hard to say no. When you actually gently imply or make excuses, your friends would be annoyed and even argue with you. If your friends visit your house, they would be shocked and wonder how you could live in a place like this. They would have much suggestion and would like you to do it. These all cause conflicts which you do not want to happen. When you think about it, you would feel more anxious and stressed. You would invite your friends at home rarely.

I believe that everyone has different ideas of a clean home. Maybe your idea is better than mine. Maybe you have more reasons to push you to do it. It is all right. Maybe you do not like it. As long as the result is precious, it is worth doing it to have a happier and healthier environment.

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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