Hello and welcome to my balance of life blog!

My name is Madolyn.

I created this blog to explore the possibility of the world and to improve the balance of life. It includes widely mental balance, work-life balance, balance your income, spending, debt, and so on. I am a person who has a lot of love from my parents and my family. Moreover, I have great passion and enthusiasm to share and hopefully to help readers improve their balance of life along the way.


I used to work in the insurance & manufacturing industries as a secretary. I learned a lot about finance, customer service, communication, and office skills.


I am a genuine and passionate person who likes to share and help.

I join a sponsor program for teenagers in World Vision International organization monthly.

I join a donor for children in the Child Welfare League Foundation monthly.

I try to keep healthy as a blood donor in the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation.

I think humans of New York does a good job and I am now a patron of Brandon Stanton!


I appreciate your time to read my blog and share my articles. Truly thank you and welcome you to share your anything with me.

Sincerely, hope you all enjoy yourselves and get what you want.

PS:  If you want to write a guest post or share your story, please feel free to contact me!