No matter how rich you are, no matter how old you are, it’s very natural for you to change your life. At first, you do not know how to do it and have no idea how to start to take action to change your life. It is all right. From the internal or external part of your life, it is Kind of process. Everyone has his or her way. Nobody is 100% right. Some fit you while some do not. Here are a few ways to show you how to change your life and help yourself grow.


9 Ways To Change Your Life  & Be Better

  1. Have the desire to change

  2. Change your daily routines

  3. Search for your goals in life

  4. Be positive and energetic

  5. Get out of your comfort zone

  6. Change your appearance

  7. Find out your passion and hobby

  8. Change your diet or eating habits

  9. Change your interior decoration or move


Let’s take a look at more details:

  1. Have the desire to change

Maybe you get inspired by other people. Maybe you want to copy your role model. Maybe you simply want to change. You do not think it is good enough for you now. Check my article about 50+ Reasons For You To Change. Maybe your reasons are not included which is fine. You can always find yourself a reason to change your life, to be a better person and to have a better life. 

  1. Change your daily routines

Most people like you and I have daily routines and repeated daily lives. You always wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and go to work or school. After work or school, you go home. Maybe you have dinner outside or have dinner at home, it is up to you to decide if you would like to cook by yourselves. After dinner, you would like to watch TV to relax a little bit and have some wine. Or you may do household chores, take a shower, and go to bed. Or you are simply a couch potato and would not like to do anything at all. This is what we do every day. So what should you do to add a little variety? Here is a rule: do not try to change all of your daily routines at once. Please do not feel too much pressure because you do not know where to start. You may start with one or two minor or less difficult things at first. Do not pick too difficult things. Do not start with too complicated things, either.

For example, you usually get up at seven o’clock, have breakfast at 7:30. Today, you want to try something different. You can set up your alarm clock to get up 30 minutes earlier. You can go jogging or taking a walk for a couple of minutes to have a fresh start in the morning. Or maybe you usually eat breakfast at home. You can try to have a casual breakfast, have a cup of coffee, and read a newspaper in a nice coffee shop near your company. When time is up, you can walk slowly to your office. Or you can prepare a hearty breakfast for your husband and children. Or you can usually go to your office by bicycle rather than by MRT. Simply do something different every day. A little difference or progress a day, someday you will see a major change to be a better person. Just make sure you are on the right track and you will see the result. 

  1. Search for your goals in life

What goal in life do you want to achieve? What kind of person would you like to be? A person who cares about people or a person who has the will to take responsibility? Do take time to explore yourself. There is no standard answer. It’s all up to you. You can have 100% control and decide what kind of person you are and what your life goal is. There is no hurry. You can take your time and separate these things into several small parts. If you do not get focused or you have some distraction, which is fine as well. Just remember to bring yourself back and move forward.

  1. Be positive and energetic

Change from what’s deep inside you, including your thoughts and attitude. You want to change, you believe that you can change. Maybe you used to worry about things and your future. Maybe you have doubts about what people do. Maybe you always have negative thoughts about everything. Maybe you do not have enough confidence to put yourself together to do something and to go for it. Maybe when you are up to something,

you always give up halfway. Tell yourself that it is time to finish the old you and to have the new you. For the first time, it’s time for you to do something different for you. When you feel down or low, you can to read quotes below to help you move forward. You can be your own cheerleader and encourage yourself. You know it’s exactly what it takes to change until the end. It’s very struggling, I know. It is meant to be suffering. Just hold on straight to the end.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

Most of us are used to doing easy and simple things or staying in a cozy and familiar place. It is natural because it makes us feel comfortable and reliable. We know exactly what would happen. We know that things are under our control. We have fewer worries and fear which makes our life easier because everything is predictable. That’s a good part of the comfort zone. However, once you’re used to it too long without any change or improvement, you would feel bored and lose your direction in life. You have nothing to expect because it’s always the same and repeated. That’s what I would like to encourage you to take the first step to change and to leave your comfort zone.

For example, you are a shy person and you rarely or never talk to strangers at all. You can find an easy-going person or find a person you would often see in your office and try to say “Hi” for several times. Then you can try to introduce yourself and start to talk to him. Or you are a person who never leaves your hometown alone and travels overseas. You can start to make a plan and research to have a trip to a popular country like Japan. A country where you always want to go most. You can invite your family or your friends to travel with you. Once you establish your confidence and you feel that you can do it on your own. It’s no big deal for you. Simply have some research in advance, make a reservation in the well-known hotel & travel agent, find out where the hot spot is, and what traffic tool you can use. If you don’t want to take care of that, you can hire a tour guide and a taxi driver to enjoy your tour. 

  1. Change your appearance

I believe that you would have a whole new different feeling when you change your appearance. It is an experience that you must have. What could it be? It could be a new hairstyle, new makeup, a new dress, and a new pair of shoes. It includes widely. Anything you can think of is ok.

For example, you have long and pretty hair for many years. However, your long hair takes much time to wash and to dry. It is summer time and you feel hotter and hotter. Long hair brings you more troubles and wastes more time because it is heavy and you do not want to take care of it anymore. You need short and sharp hair. What you can do is pick up the phone, call your hairdresser, and make an appointment. It is a piece of cake to give yourself a brand new hairstyle. You can pick a lighter color to dye your hair. You can easily make yourself feel lighter and fresher. It is no doubt about it. Most important of all, you would feel young and active. What is more, you can change your makeup to go with your new hairstyle. New clothes are good as well. If you would like to look fit, you can start to go to the gym and take exercise. You can train your body and muscles such as lifting weights, jogging, walking fast, and yoga. It would not only make you feel different but also happier. 

  1. Find out your passion and hobby

What is your passion?

What makes you happy?

What makes you feel alive?

These are pretty important questions you should ask yourself. There’s no lie here. You should be very honest about it. There is no need to hide anything here. Only you and yourself and talk to yourself. Do you like it or not? Straightforward questions and answers. Find the one that matches your passion. Find the one that makes you feel happy. You don’t need to work in a terrible way. You do not need a job to bring you more suffering and pain. For example, you can try different jobs and see which you like most and brings you the most fun and happiness. An office you always want to go. Something you always want to do. Something never bores you. If it’s not what you want for your life, try to change it and find out what is your favorite. Do it for yourself rather than your family or somebody else. Do not do it because somebody tells you to. Be yourself and enjoy for yourself. 

  1. Change your diet or eating habits

Eating appropriate food and getting enough nutrition to your body are very important to your health if you do care about it. When you are young, you may not take it seriously. If you eat too much and too quickly, or you eat too much junk food, these are not good at all. If you are used to be picky about a certain kind of food or partiality for a particular kind of food, you would have an ill-balanced eating habit. It would bring you not only the health issues but also makes you gain weight. You are what you eat. Eating properly and smartly is crucial to you. Try to read articles about how to eat correctly and well to improve your health.

For example, you don’t like to eat vegetables. Try to start with one or two vegetables. Cook them in a way you can accept. Or you are alcoholic and drink a lot every day. You can try to try to put your wine far away from where you can reach home. You can try to not go to the bar and have a cup of drink. You can try not to buy drinks and bring them back home. You can tell whoever around you to talk about wine or anything that would remind you of wine. Find a way you can and make it work. 

  1. Change your interior decoration or move

When you live in a place for a period of time, things would look old. What can you do about it? You can change your curtains. You can have some plants. You can change your wallpapers. You can repaint the walls. You can change your furniture. Even more, you can move to another house or town to have another fresh start. Is it that great?

Find out what has to be changed internally and externally. Push yourself to do it. Focus on it. There is more than one way to add a variety to your life. You can definitely find a way out. Do it and change it right away.

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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