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Once you decide what to blog about, you need to learn more how to create a blog on your own. Blogging is what I love to do and can be a great help to my life. I can write my point of view and share good things with you such as healthy food and good books.

At first, I am sure that you would think about how it could be possible to start a blog on your own. What should I do to start a blog? Plenty of questions jump out of your mind without answers. Who can be so kind as to help you with it and where does the source come from? Well, I am glad you read this article! Here, I would show you how I started it until now. I have no computer science background at all. I usually use IE to Google or Microsoft office software. That is all. Nowadays with the advanced technology, the website set up and the whole package is much more complete and easier than you can imagine. You can find any solution for it online without a doubt. That is why I wish I had started blogging earlier.

Naturally, as a starter, I made lots of mistakes and learned from those experiences. I am sure many people would have the same feeling and struggle to give up or hold back. I would share what I think is good from my error or from my research on the internet. Therefore, you can skip the error and these same mistakes when you make your own blog. I believe that anyone who reads this can save time and money to learn how to start to blog immediately with no hesitation. Check out these steps to show you how to create a blog easily and quickly:

8 Steps To Start A WordPress Blog

  1. Blog Topic

  2. Blog Name

  3. Blogging Platform

  4. Blog Domain & Web Hosting

  5. Install Blog in WordPress

  6. Blog Theme to Choose

  7. Design Your Pages

  8. Write an article and publish it

Let’s take a look at more details:

  1. Blog Topic

Blog about something you are passionate about and enjoy. From your content, you would write something full of joy and knowledge. Your readers would feel the same way. You can have multiple choices about it and just make sure you have a lot to write about so that you can keep writing. Here are some ideas that can give you a hint like your interests, cooking recipes, traveling tips, clothes, cosmetics. Your unique personal life experience can be taken into consideration, too. Sharing something that matters to you can help you feel better and may find someone like you online.

A niche blog is also an efficient way to put yourself in a certain position in your industry. Especially when you are some kind of expert or good at in a specific area like doctors or photographers. It helps you narrow down the scale and has bigger effects to help you succeed.

  1. Blog Name

Related to your blog topic theme, you certainly need to choose a good blog name. It is directly connected to you and your readers can naturally think about you and understand what you are writing about.

Also, a good blog name can be your name so that you can talk a lot about your thoughts and share your experience rather than a certain topic. Or a name can include your blog content directly or indirectly. For example, your name is Tom and you can use “” If the domain name is taken, you can use your full name “” Even though that is taken, you can add your middle name or a word that is related to your blog content like “” Certainly, a .com domain extension is the most familiar and better than .online or .net. It is just as simple as that.

  1. Blogging Platform

Choose a user-friendly blog platform is quite essential to you, especially as a starter with no IT background. As the saying goes, craftsmen must first sharpen their tools before they can do a good job, and fishermen must first repair their nets before they can catch any fish. If you want to have a successful blog, you have to choose a well-performed and easily-maintained blogging platform.

Right now, there are plenty of blogging platforms you can choose below:















WordPress  Your own domain


Among the above, the pros and cons, WordPress comes the first in my mind. It is an open source software platform and most people would use it if they want to have their own website rather than another blogging platform. is the world’s most popular blogging software. To make it clear, and are not the same things. Most people would be confused with (a blog hosting service).

You can use to make and customize your website or blog by yourself. You can have 100% control over your blog and have a great deal of free of charge blog themes and plugins with useful functions to use. Tons of engineers work behind you and offer great support for you. You can definitely learn a lot from it. In the long run, if you want to make a money blog, you certainly need to be self-hosted.

This is a self-hosted solution and you need to find a web hosting provider which takes care of the blog backups and security with minor and affordable cost. In the long run, it allows much more potential to increase your income.

Let’s get started!

  1. Blog Domain & Web Hosting

Hopefully, you have the whole idea of what WordPress is, simply an open source software. To make your blog online and to be searched by any search engine requires web hosting from a hosting company.

Which web hosting provider should you select?

When you select web hosting providers, there are several features that you should take into account so as to make the whole process smooth and fluent:

  • Blog Protection & Security

Whether you want to start a blog or make a website, blog protection and security should be taken seriously. You never know when your blog or website would be attacked with no reason or be hijacked with malicious software. To avoid eternal damage, the web hosting provides protection is a “MUST” to think it over.

  • Blog Uptime & Speed

Readers are more and more impatient. If your blog moves slowly or your blog downtime happens very often, your readers would not come back little by little. Try to make your blog speedy and operate without any problems. If the web hosting provider has uptime guarantees, then it is undoubtedly an additional effect.

  • Customer Service & Support

When you first contact this unfamiliar computer stuff, you certainly would have multiple question mark in your head and would like to ask somebody. At this time, the web hosting provider offers 24-hour service support which is a great help and much more convenient for you. After all, your blog or website would run 24-hours a day with no rest. If it shuts down all of sudden with no reason or beyond your ability, whom can you ask for help or who can standby all time for you to use? That is the moment when you need it most. Choosing a customer-oriented provider would make you feel better and calmer when you face these IT issues.

  • User-Friendly Interface

As a starter or a freshman to choose the web hosting provider, you would feel a little bit afraid about if the interface or function is too difficult to be familiar with. Providing user-friendly interface needs to be considered for sure. If I purchase the web hosting service for a year (at least one year), what if I change my mind? Or what if I can not handle it by myself? Or what if my plan changes? Is there any backup plan? Even more, you need to check if they would be so considerate to provide you with website building tools or domain name registration.

  • WordPress Software 1-Click Setup

Since you decide to use WordPress to build our blog, it would much more convenient and wonderful for you to provide WordPress software 1-click setup. No need to worry about where and what to download and which file to save is quite a plus and helps you install it with no difficulty. The start-up cost is definitely something that needs to be included. Or if they have any free trial and refund?

After listing so many criteria to be looked at, there are two web hosting providers below for your reference (Note: there are affiliate referring links of mine. If you place an order, I will have a commission with no additional cost).

Bluehost and SiteGround provide you with as low and cheap as the only 3.95usd / a month. You can definitely afford it.

  1. Install Blog in WordPress

Once your domain and web host provider is both registered and set, you can use the one-click button to install WordPress in your customer control panel. Then you can start to customize and design your blog right after that.

  1. Blog Theme to Choose

Excellent! Your blog is set up successfully and you are the owner of a WordPress website.

In the beginning, your blog style would be used a free theme. If you do not like the layout, or you want to change another picture or your own logo and would like to add a sidebar on the right, it is all easy to be done. Even more, you would like to change the font size or color, there is no problem with that. You can change anything you want to represent yourself and your style with a click.

If you would like to try another theme, there is a button “Appearance” on the left menu and click it. Then you would see a few free themes for you to use like “Twenty Seventeen” and “Twenty Sixteen”. They are all good-looking and simple and clean design. You can try all of them to see which fits you most. If you would like to see more options, there are thousands of free themes for you to choose from. You may click the button “Add New Theme” and click the button “Feature Filter” to search for a certain style or design and then click “install” and then click “Activate”. Your blog would have a brand new look in the blink of an eye. If you do not like the way it looks, you can delete it and search again until you feel pleased and content.

  1. Design Your Pages

After making sure your blog theme, from the left menu of “Pages,” you need to add certain fixed pages such as the homepage, about, contact and other categories if you need. Add some new and beautiful pictures for your pages to use and design your log naturally. The homepage comes first when your readers visit your blog. Therefore, do spend more time taking care of it and make it sparkle and bling.

  1. Write an article and publish it

Now your blog setup is complete and ready to start writing your first article and publish it! On the left menu, you can see “Posts” and click “Add New” post. You can copy your article from your file and paste it on a default post. If you would add a wonderful picture to attract more attention, you can click “Media” on the left menu and click “Add New” and click “Select Files” to upload new media from your computer file. You can also adjust the size of the picture here. Then you can add the picture to your post. If you do not like it and would like to change something, you can “Edit” your post and click “Update”. If you want to delete it, you can click “Trash.” After you have finished all your adjustments and make your post ready, just click the “Publish” on the right side and you can view your post from the blog.

Hopefully how to start a blog guide would help you a lot. Enjoy it!

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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