70+ Blogging Difficulties While Starting A Blog

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While you start a blog or you would like to start your first blog, there are many blogging difficulties you would face. Some of these difficulties are not that difficult, while others are really tough. No matter what they are, you need to face it and solve it with your wisdom and patience. Let’s take a look at more details below:

  1. You are not ambitious. All you want to do is have an easy life and stay in your comfort zone. To start a blogging business seems to be a good idea for you, isn’t it?
  2. You are afraid to lose. You are afraid to take risks. What should you do to leave your comfort zone?
  3. You are not sure if you are capable of blogging all by yourself.
  4. You have no idea of what your advantages or disadvantages are?
  5. You do not think a lot about your career. You seldom think and you have no comments about yourself. Does blogging suit you?
  6. You are not confident that your own know-how is unique, special or competitive enough to make you stand out.
  7. You have a no idea of what the key to success that you should know in advance.
  8. You are not a salesman. You do not know how to increase your sales of the blog.
  9. You are not good at pricing your service and product.
  10. You do not know how to promote your blog, service, and product.
  11. You do not know how to sell your service and product to others in a successful way.
  12. You are no sure that blogging is appropriate for you.
  13. If you are not sure when you have any questions about blogging, how to find the right person or resource to ask.
  14. You do not know if blogging fits your personality, character or style.
  15. You want to make your life easier and simplify your life. Is blogging the right choice?
  16. Which topic should you use? Your own interest, passion or profession.
  17. You are not sure that you should turn your interest or hobby into your blogging topic. You are afraid that your interest or hobby is not interesting anymore.
  18. You do not want to take it seriously about being a blogger or YouTuber because you just want to do it for fun.
  19. You cannot be a full-time blogger or YouTuber because it is not your full-time job now.
  20. You have problems with time management. You can hardly concentrate on blogging to get your job done.
  21. You have a full-time job. You need to take care of your family. You want to have some time for yourself and personal life. You want to deal with all of them at the same time. This is a mission impossible.
  22. How do I know if the blogging industry is full or not? What and where is my opportunity?
  23. What’s the trend of the blogging industry in the future?
  24. How do I make sure that I make the right decision?
  25. What research or analysis should I do to pick the right blogging field?
  26. How do I make sure that I’m on the right track of blogging?
  27. How do I know that I choose the right blogging content?
  28. I do not have enough sense of the blogging industry. What should I do to improve it?
  29. I do not know if the direction of my blogging is correct. What should I do to exam it?
  30. You do not know how to increase your blog traffic and attract more visitors.
  31. You do not know how to market your products.
  32. You do not know how to find your role models and learn how to succeed
  33. You do not know how to catch up with the trend of the blogging topic.
  34. You do not know how to turn your knowledge, masterpiece or artwork into money. Then you can make enough money from it.
  35. Your readers or visitors like free stuff Free rather than paid products or services. What strategy should you use to deal with it?
  36. It’s hard to make quick money from blogging. Before your blogging can support your expense, where does your main income come from?
  37. When you start blogging, you’re afraid that your parents or family including your spouse who are against you and do not support or encourage your blogging career.
  38. You are not an independent person who can handle all blogging matters.
  39. You are used to doing what people tell you to do without knowing why.
  40. You seldom think about why your boss does things in this way and ask questions.
  41. You rarely take risks and take action to make your working efficiency better.
  42. You’re worried to lose more important people like your family or friends if you do not listen to them.
  43. You want to have your work like in this blogging industry which can make the same money as your full-time job.
  44. Your full-time job takes you too much time and makes you too busy to handle your blogging work.
  45. You want to have more time for your personal life, but blogging makes you busier and tenser.
  46. In the beginning, the income of your blogging is not quite stable and insufficient to support your expense which makes you and your family feel less cure and worried.
  47. You want to invest more money in the beginning and have no idea where you can find free resources.
  48. In the beginning, the income from your blog is too low. Where does your other money come from after you start blogging? Do you have a backup play before you make it? Do you have a second income to support your blogging business?
  49. It seems that blogging is not as easy and comfortable as you think. Should you go back to work in a company again?
  50. You have many questions about blogging. Where can you find answers and how do you know if those answers are right.
  51. Your website is not famous enough. You need to attract more readers and visitors to your website. What strategy can you use?
  52. When you just start blogging, you have questions about blogging and you do not know whom to consult.
  53. You would like to find a role model, but you do not know how to find a right one.
  54. You want to find a nice and friendly group which you can share your experience and ask questions, but you do not know which group fits you most.
  55. Many posts talk about the same thing and topic about blogging. You do not know which one is really right and good for you. You do not know which one works for you better than the other. You have to give it a try one by one which takes more time than you can imagine.
  56. Choosing the topic is hard. You want to write what you want at will which is not a hot topic. It is hard for you to make the decision and pick a good one. The right topic brings you more attention.
  57. If you are not quite sure how to succeed all by yourself, you could find a partner or the right person to work with.
  58. You are not young anymore and you do not want to make more mistakes and waste more time to give it a try.
  59. You have no so-called SOP process and would like to establish it.
  60. If you are a working woman and having young children, you are too busy to deal with more work about blogging.
  61. Before you start blogging, what should you do first? What should you prepare in advance? What should you do to make your blogging work better?
  62. You have a busy full-time job which takes a lot of time. You have no spare time for the extra workload.
  63. You want to wait until you’re more experienced and have more preparation to start blogging.
  64. You are afraid that your colleagues and your boss know that you’re blogging.
  65. You wonder if you can actually earn more money from your blogging.
  66. You do not know how to make a price for your product and service properly.
  67. Should you pay for the online advertisement?
  68. After you start blogging, you have a lot of frustration. How should you do to deal with your feelings? How should you do to deal with your difficulties with blogging?
  69. What’s the bottom line to stop blogging to tell yourself that blogging does not work for you.
  70. What should you do to achieve your financial freedom earlier?

Hopefully, these difficulties would show you about blogging more clearly. There is no shortcut to success. Give it a try and try until you make it. Do not worry about it and stress about it too much. Encourage yourself and give yourself time. Keep moving forward and fighting. Stay persistent, improve yourself and believe yourself. If you are about to blogging, or you just start blogging, this is already a good beginning. Do not lose yourself and GO!GO!GO!

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