Changes happen every day. No matter you accept it or not. Most of us are resistant or reluctant to changes. Sometimes it is not avoidable. Sometimes it is not what you stop. Sometimes you can postpone a change for a while until the last minute, you still have to accept it. Whether you are willing or not. Changes stand right in front of you.

After I graduated from college, my first job was to work in a credit card company. I liked to work there a lot because it was an open and free working environment. My boss treated me fairly and kindly. I enjoyed my job there. However, the company decided to have a reengineering program. I was forced to leave my job, my lovely job. That was a very big impact on my life.

Before that, I never knew that I would change my job. I never knew that I would leave my company. I never knew that I would need to find another job someday. My ex-company offered me several options to choose from. I tried to make the best decision that I thought and face it. It happened without knowing why. No matter what, I had to deal with the enormous change in my life. I realized that it was not avoidable. Let’s take a look at what benefits of changes that would bring you and help you live a better life.

7 Amazing Benefits to Embrace Change and Grow

  1. New Beginning

  2. New opportunities

  3. Self-growth

  4. Have more flexibility

  5. Have more confidence and strength in yourself

  6. Have different points of view in life

  7. Improve your life


Here are more details:

  1. New Beginning

A new environment means a new beginning. You can completely forget about the past and learn from your mistakes. You can open a new chapter in life. You would have no burden. It’s a brand new and fresh for you to give it a try.

  1. New opportunities

When you change your job and have a new boss and colleagues, it means new opportunities and possibilities. You go to a new environment, you would never know what kind of accomplishment you would achieve. You would never know you will be a manager or a general manager someday. It’s unlimited. There is great potential to develop In the way you want it. If you want to be a top sales, just go ahead and work your best. If

Simply open your heart and see how things go. You would never know. It is the best part.

  1. Self-growth

After I got married, I become a wife. After I have a job, I am a working woman. After I have a baby, I become a mom. There are so many roles that I play. There are so many changes in my life. It’s meant to happen. It is just the way it should be. When the time comes, you have to face it. No matter you’re ready or not. No matter you embrace it or not. You have to find your way and enjoy the process. You can think of it as a gift. Every change brings you something new, something fresh, and something unknown. It’s an experience to help you discover a new field, new points of view, or a new way to do things. Maybe it never occurred to you before that. You can never do things in that way until you face a change. You can actually learn from it.

For example, after I changed my job and went to a new company, a new working environment, I realized that I needed to work harder to prove myself. I needed to be more helpful and to learn things more quickly. I had to get familiar with the new product. I had to catch up with things faster. I had to deal with things more efficiently. I needed to find the key person and deal with things more precisely. Maybe a new computer software or maybe a new app software would be used. Maybe a new way of communication like Line or Skype, It helps you grow.

  1. Have more flexibility

If you want to adapt to the new environment soon, you have to be open-minded. If you want to get along with your new boss and colleagues well, you must be more friendly and active. If you want to play a new role in the company in an easy and smooth way, you must extend your flexibility. You must do things in a flexible way. You cannot limit yourself or put your needs first. You must put your job and work first. You must look at things in a different way. Flexibility helps you deal with it which is the more, the better. Your flexibility in dealing with things brings you more possibility to do things well. You can easily adapt to a new environment, new roles, and new friends. You would know what to do and how to do it.

For example, when you are younger, you would feel that you are the boss in the whole world and everyone has to listen to you. There are many things that you do not want to clean the house and put away your things in the house. Maybe you don’t need to do the cleaning at all because your parents do it for you. However, when you grow older and play multiple roles in your life, it is impossible for you to live in that way anymore. You need to switch your roles at a different time and places. You need to work hard and do what you’re told. At home, you need to do the house chores and clean the mess your children make. You need to take care of a lot of the bills and expenses. You are what you were used to be. You need to open your mind and heart to accept it all. 

  1. Have more confidence and strength in yourself

When you are a weak person, you would never get out of your comfort zone. When you have less confidence in yourself, you would never welcome changes. When you have less strength, you would never believe you would do something different. You would never believe that you can stand up for yourself and take a step to change. You would never speak for yourself even though that’s exactly what you should do.

When you face your first change, you would find that you gain more confidence in yourself. It is like that you accomplish your goal, you would believe in yourself more. You can do it and would feel more power of it. Thus, you can deal with more changes.

For example, you never dare to drive on the roads because you’re afraid of cars. You always go to work By MRT or by bus. You never want to learn how to drive a car even though it’s very inconvenient to your life. However, you want to someplace in the suburb where there’s no MRT or bus. It is a great change. You make up your mind and learn how to drive a car because nobody can drive you to work. You’re all by yourself. You cannot possibly go to work by taxi every day. Maybe you don’t learn fast. Maybe it takes more time for you to learn how to drive a car on the roads. Maybe It takes one month for normal people to learn the driving lessons and pass the exam. Maybe it takes you two months, or three mounts to pass the exam and drive to work, which is fine. Once you pass the exam, get your driver’s license, and actually drive to work for a couple of months, you would find out that it’s not so hard after all. It’s not so difficult as you think. Most important of all, you can do things that you never think you could do. That’s what it matters. That’s what changes bring you. That helps you build up more confidence and can do more things. You can challenge yourself to change more.

  1. Have different points of view in life

When you are a child, you think of yourself and how you feel first. You want to live a happy life. You want to live a rich and up-scale life. You want to travel all over the world. You want to have good food and buy many things. When you grow older and more mature, you look at things in a different way. Changes happen frequently and help you make the process faster. You would think more completely not only for yourself but also for others. You would realize that the world just doesn’t work in that way. You would realize that things would not always follow your way. Sometimes or very often things are against your will and you need to adapt to it.

For example, you’re a strict person and you have no tolerance of mistakes and laziness. Right now. After you start to work with more and more people, you would know that everybody, including yourself, would make mistakes. As long as you are a man, you would make mistakes. That’s not a big deal. You could take a break for five minutes and correct it. And then you can work more and have more tolerance for it.

  1. Improve your life

There are many things in your life you would like to improve including your income, paycheck, relationship, and so on. Or you want to get promoted and become a manager. You want to travel all over the world. You want to live in a fancy and big house. Or you want to have a better job and live a free life. What you can do to improve your life or to improve yourself is change. That’s what exactly should be done. If this is not what you want, it’s time to change. If it is against your will, it’s time to change. If this is too much for you, it’s time to change. Change brings you more possibilities to improve your life and live a better life.

For example, if you need to work 12 hours a day, seven days away, you never have time to take a day off. You don’t want to work in that way. You don’t want to live in that way anymore. You want to have more time to go to the gym. You want to have more time to read books, go to the movies, or hang out with friends. Or you want to have more time to talk to yourself and do yoga. You need to change. You need to adjust your working pace. Or you can have a discussion with your boss and try to find out how to adjust your job responsibility. It’s pretty important for you to find a way to simplify your work and work smart. Or you can communicate with your colleagues in an efficient way and save more time to find your life back. These are good for you to think about it.

Change is not always pleasant. Change is not meant to be smooth. It is unknown and unpredictable. It is a new chance for great potential. No matter good or bad, it’s up to you to decide how you feel about it. It is in your hands to deal with it. You can do it in a mature way, a childish way or in a hard way. It’s all up to you. It doesn’t guarantee you to be pleasant and have a happy end. It is a process to help you grow. What are you waiting for?

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