50+ Reasons For You To Change

It’s time to change. It’s a good thing to do. Not only because you have a life, but also because you have so much to try and have fun with it. With the advance of medicine, many people have a longer life than before. Many diseases are curable and not deadly. Why do you not give yourself a chance to change? Why do you not let go of many things you used to care and take seriously? Why do you want to restrict yourself so much? Why do you want to forbid yourself to enjoy yourself and enjoy your life? These questions are what I would like to encourage you to ask yourself and find out the reasons why you need to do something to change. Help you understand why you should give yourself a reason to change. Before that, I list many reasons that could be a wakeup call to help you be aware of the situation and would like to take the first step to “Change.”

Let’s take a look at more reasons for you to take a look

  1. You deserve an opportunity to change.
  2. This kind of life is not you want. Find out what kind of life you want.
  3. You are not happy. You don’t feel happy.
  4. You have a lot of stress.
  5. You have too much information from your cell phone, computer, radio, podcast, and TV.
  6. You have more and more and bills to pay which is over your income and saving.
  7. Your house is too dirty to live in. This might cause a health issue.
  8. Your schedule is too tight and filled with meetings and appointments, having dinner with different people or your business customers, going to the movies, and etc.
  9. You have no time for yourself. It is hard for you to spend some time eating, sleeping and.
  10. You have too many appointments. You don’t have any feelings at all. You’re numb without knowing why. You are too cold to almost everything.
  11. You complain about what troubles you to whoever you meet all the time.
  12. You care about the social media online too much. You spend much time and want to get more upvotes.
  13. You have no passion for your job and life.
  14. You don’t have a good relationship with your family and friends. You seldom say hello to your neighbors or welcome new colleagues.
  15. You don’t care about anything but yourself.
  16. You don’t know what you want in the world.
  17. You eat too much without control and you don’t know how to control. You don’t know that you should control your diet.
  18. You take everything for granted with no thanks to people who help you a lot.
  19. You are used to be a couch potato after work and watch TV all night.
  20. You are used to living in a lie without facing reality.
  21. You don’t have enough sleep and do not regard it as a problem. Or you don’t have a good quality of sleep.
  22. You don’t make enough money to support your spending.
  23. You have many negative thoughts which make you feel that life is hard.
  24. You have too much marketing information from many ways including TV advertisement, Youtube and cell phone.
  25. You buy too many things and put all of them in your tiny room or house. You do not know how to put them in order. This causes a great issue.
  26. You deliberately live a miserable life because you want to punish yourself. You do not think that you deserve a happy life.
  27. You eat too much and feel ashamed about your weight and body.
  28. You want to be a rich and successful person who can make a lot of money to improve your life.
  29. You are mean to people who care about you intentionally.
  30. You have so much pent-up anger or hostility, irritation, and sorrow.
  31. You do not think that it is necessary to do anything to improve your life.
  32. You want to go to see so many beautiful places that are worth to travel.
  33. You are too weak to protect people you love and care.
  34. You’re all by yourself without any help from others which makes you suffer a lot.
  35. You don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but you want it so badly.
  36. You have a big and fancy house, but your life is too busy to enjoy it.
  37. You are too anxious to relax in any way.
  38. You want to read so many books, news, and reports.
  39. You want to compete with people in many ways because you want to win all the time like your saving, your job, and your appearance.
  40. You want to be perfect and look perfect.
  41. You want to use the most fantastic and the latest 3C products, clothes, and cosmetics.
  42. You don’t know what kind of life you want.
  43. You don’t the difference between what you want and what you need.
  44. You are told or taught what people want you to be without thinking why.
  45. You don’t like your job, but you like your paycheck.
  46. You don’t like the way that people treat you, talk to you, and think of you.
  47. You don’t like your colleagues or friends and do not know how to improve your interpersonal relationships and skills.
  48. You don’t like what you see, smell, eat, and hear.
  49. You don’t like people you’re with.
  50. You don’t like your teen life or change of your appearance.
  51. You don’t like to cook every day.
  52. You don’t like to do housekeeping and maintain chores at home.
  53. You want to focus on your work but you think about other things very often.

There are many things you might like or dislike what can you do about it? It’s very important for you to feel the need so that you can take the first step. That’s the motive. Try to change these negative things or feelings into positive things or feelings. This is the motivation to drive you to change, to drive you to do something to take action and find out exactly what you want. It’s a life journey. It helps you define what really makes you happy. It helps you figure out what you really need. It helps you think about what really matters to you.

Try to enjoy the journey and the process. Try to enjoy your life. The result is that you can have a life. A life that you want. There are plenty of choices for you to explore. All you have to do is stand up and be brave to leave the comfort zone. Find yourself a reason to change. Give yourself a reason to change. What is your reason? You are very much welcome to share it with me.

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