Selecting a topic to write in your blog plays an important role in a successful blog. A topic which is often talked about and highly-paid attention can attract the most readers so as to monetize your blog in the end.

A niche blog is related to a narrow topic like specific ideas, thoughts, and opinions. It is an extremely focused blog that you can take it into consideration as well. It helps you narrow down to a particular group of people like a certain industry, age groups or sport and so on. That would develop their loyalty and return rate. How to come up with your blog topic? Here are tips for you:

5 Tips to Boost Blog Topic and Make A Pop Blog

  1. What You must to be Passionate About

  2. What You are good at and Enjoy Researching

  3. Narrow down your Subject and Remain Focused

  4. Beware of Popular Trend

  5. Keep tracking Google Keyword and Do Research on the Long Tail effect

Let’s take a look at more details:

  1. What You must to be Passionate About

A successful blog requires fresh new content materials as well as regular posting. You need to be able to stay motivated about your blog’s topic for a long time. Be certain that the subject that you really feel strong about and genuinely take pleasure in. You would be passionate about it and devote yourself to it. Otherwise, your passion and eagerness would fade away very quickly.

  1. What You are good at and Enjoy Researching

Some bloggers are experts in a certain field which can be an advantage. They enjoy studying and doing research on their topic. Providing high-quality article with their point of view and up-to-date news would guarantee success and stand out among other bloggers easily.

  1. Narrow down your Subject and Remain Focused

Sometimes to arrow down your Subject and stick to it could be very useful while blogging. Especially when you know where your position and strategy of your blog is. You know exactly who your customers are such as their age and favorites. For instance, instead of blogging about a subject like vehicles, you could select a used-car (a popular brand like Toyota) as your writing material. That could bring the attention of certain fans.

  1. Beware of Popular Trend

A successful blog requires you to dig in a popular trend. What people care about most now today changes very fast. Writing about what they really want to know or they are curious could help you a lot. If you get used to it, well begun is half done. On the contrary, the traffic will slow down and disappear.

  1. Keep tracking Google Keyword and Do Research on the Long Tail effect

We starters most do not have deep pockets and enough experiences. Therefore, we need to have smarter blueprint and strategy to take action. Tracking Google keyword and the long tail effect could be very helpful and essential to saving limited time and resources. Therefore, it could bring high attention and traffic to your blog. Highly targeted keywords or phrases that are directly or indirectly connected to your blog would optimize your efficiency.

From the tips above, you have multiple options to write about. You can pick one or two in the beginning. It is free for you to decide. To be easy to use for you, I especially categorize them into several items below:

  1. Arts and Entertainment

Art history and supplies

Contemporary art

Creative art and process

Magic and magicians

Novels or short stories.

  1. Automotive

Car reviews, performance, accessories and parts

Car dealer and detailing tips,

Classic car and sports cars

Driving skills and tips

  1. Business

Taking photography skill and photography show

Artists and photographers can use a portfolio to show their work

Providing consulting and help for starters

Blog & website design and SEO research

Free help in your industry to attract more readers and traffic, plus great reputation and authority

Provide research or analysis (rich in content) that many people want to know in your industry

  1. Computers and Technology

iPhone and Samsung comparison

Ipad pros and cons

Technology trends & tricks.

  1. Environmental protection

Rescue animals

Pollution like trash in the sea

  1. Finance

Financial management

Balance your budget

Personal Budgeting

Credit and Credit Counseling and Tips

Currency Trading and forecast

Debt consolidation and debt management and debt relief

Personal finance and structured settlements

Taxes issues like strategy, income, property, relief, tools

Multiple loans like home equity loans, auto loans, personal loans, student loans, unsecured loans

Wealth building process and goals

  1. Food and Drink

Recipes for diabetes, children, pregnant women or your favorite meals and desserts.

Healthy eating

Eating organic and get to know it

Popular recipes for oven or microwave oven

  1. Gaming

Game tutorial for a pop game like Pokémon, Mine craft, Legend

Game introduction and demonstration

Online game

  1. Health and Fitness

Yoga, Pilates, meditation

Weight training

Marathon racing

How to lose weight in a safe and sound way

Cycling & urban commuting.

  1. Home and Family

Children care and education

Life skills and coaching

  1. Home Improvement

Interior design and reconstruction

Electrical appliance

Kitchen improvements

Cleaning tools and tips

  1. Investing

Stocks, mutual fund, investing psychology, traction fees

  1. Kids and Teens

Child care and activity, toy, teen relationship

  1. Pets

Pet medical care

Pet toys

Pet beauty & salon

Pet Accessories.

  1. Recreation and Sports

Outdoor activity

Tennis, windsurfing, basketball

Camping tour and equipment

  1. Relationship

How to establish a marriage for a long time

How to make a real and true friend

Communication between men and women

  1. Self-Improvement

Learning process

Personal development

The process to make your dream come true

Strengthen mind and mind training

Simpler and better lifestyle

  1. Shopping and Product Reviews

Purchasing Tips, coupons, seasonal discount, product review

  1. Travel and Leisure

Travel within your Budget including booking tickets, hotels, car rental and etc.

  1. Interests

How to play piano, guitar

Community /Urban farming

How to cultivate your interests

  1. Writing and Speaking

Writing and speaking Style

Rapid reading

How to speak in Public without fear

Write and collect a lot of jokes for fun and entertaining

Draw a simple comic to show life around you for fun

Try to write a poem or story to bring more attention

Be mutual to compare something like 3C product

Post inspiring and wise quotes from famous people

  1. Website and Blog Management

Handle every single comment carefully and rapidly

Make good use of Infographics for better understanding and reading

Publish online courses/e-books like affiliate marketing or SEO searching

Publish frequently asked questions and answers

Make a list of common mistakes and misunderstandings in your website

Make a plan for your website in the future or process of it

Introduce yourself and motive about why you start a blog

How to start your blog

Invite experts or famous for comments or guest posts

Make a list of online tools that help you a lot

Host a voting or guest post pitching contest or a kind of activity surprise your readers

All of these lists are far more than ever for you to use. I believe it is quite easy for you to catch up. Have fun and enjoy it!

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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