Cell phones and other similar handheld equipment have been very popular nowadays. In most cases, they have replaced other tools for communication, taking and sharing pictures and videos instantly, and connecting to the web like social media like Facebook. Many people, even old people and young children, have their own cell phones to play games like Pokémon or looking for information.

As you can see, no matter where you go, you can see many people look at their cell phones very often. They seldom talk or look at things around them. Some of them are obsessed with checking their Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. They are busy sending information online instead of actually enjoying themselves.

Any adult or individual including parents and teachers need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones and other handheld equipment.

10 advantages of cell phones:

  1. Portability

  2. Easy to connect to the web

  3. Save more time and money

  4. Emergency help

  5. Easy to contact your parents and children

  6. GPS guide

  7. Tracking function

  8. Easy to take pictures and shoot videos

  9. Teach children how to be responsible

  10. A useful device for learning

Lets’s check out more details about the advantages of cell phones:

  1. Portability

What we used have a landline in the past. Now a landline is not the first option any more. Many people have preferred to use fancy, small, light and portable cell phone. You do not have stay at home or in the office to answer the phone. You can go wherever you want with a mobile device of a cell phone.

  1. Easy to connect to the web

Cell phones allow you to connect to the web without a computer or notebook. This device really benefits a lot because you could check your social media, shop online, search for information without any difficulty.

  1. Save more time and money

Many mobile plans provide many options for you to choose. They have free services like free text messages and voice mails. You can connect with your families and friends who live far away without expensive costs. There are also free app software for you to use like Skype or Line to call whoever you want to call without any cost. This is the reason why many people are willing to carry and use mobile phones so often.

  1. Emergency help

Cell phones provide emergency help to whoever needs. For example, if you are hurt at home or somewhere you do not know, you can simply dial 911 to ask for help. If you are rubbed, you can all the police instantly. If your house is on fire and you are trapped, call the fire department for quick rescue. These are very useful and urgent to save your lives. Even a sudden earthquake happens, you can contact the police to offer instant help without delay.

  1. Easy to contact your parents and children

Cell phones allow you to contact your parents and children easily and freely. For example, if you would like to know when your child would come home, just make a phone call. If your child needs to stay overtime at school or anything he needs any help, he could inform you right away. Or your child has an accident and would like you to deal with it, he would call you and explain his situation to you. This is extremely important in emergency situations because you can hardly find pay phones nowadays.

  1. GPS guide

If you are new to a place without knowing where to go, you can check your GPS to guide you. If you would like to find a person to give you the direction to your destination, cell phones can replace it and help you get a map right away. If you would like to check the map in advance, you can Google it and let it help you with it.  Cell phones are really the best choice than any other device.

  1. Tracking function

Cell phones have a very advanced tracking function to allow anyone to know the exact location of the person you would like to know. For example, if you would like to know if your children go to school safely, you can check it. You would know it for sure that your children do go to school or wherever they tell you to.

  1. Easy to take pictures and shoot videos

With cell phones in your hand, you take pictures and share them with a few clicks. It takes you little time and money. You can capture these touched or funny moments for your children and family. You can use your cell phones to write a diary. You can shoot videos for yourself to see how you look in front of a screen to see any improvement to make. You can take pictures of book lists or interesting news that you want to read it later or share it with someone you think that might need it.

  1. Teach children how to be responsible

If you want to cultivate responsible children, cell phones can be a good tool. You can teach them the rules of using cell phones. For example, how much time they can spend when they use cell phones. Show them the manners to use cell phones. If they break the rules, the punishment they would face.

  1. A useful device for learning

As long as you have cell phones, you can find any information you want from the online world. If you want to learn Chinese, simply get the online course. If you want to learn how to cook, check YouTube and get plenty of videos. If you want to know the comment of books and movies, check out what others say. You would know more and get more.

12 disadvantages of cell phones:

  1. Less quality of life

  2. More accidents

  3. Increasing e-garbage

  4. Expensive cell phones

  5. More Distraction

  6. Feel anxious

  7. Less patience

  8. Obsession

  9. Cheat in exams

  10. Sex Exploitation

  11. To be online all day

  12. Cyberbully


Lets’s check out more details about the disadvantages of cell phones:

  1. Less quality of life

When you have dinner with your family, you would often see that people eat and watch their cell phones at the same time. While they eat, you can hardly see that they have conversation. It is really rude and the quality of lifestyle is poor. You do not know what you eat. You just want to what is up in the cyber world. It is impolite to the one who spends time with you.


  1. More accidents

When you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, you would use cell phones to make phone calls and text messages. It is pretty dangerous to cause traffic accidents every year. It is very possible to be hit by a vehicle if you text or talk on the phone while you cross the street. When you read information or play Pokémon while you are walking, it is very important to pay attention to your own safety. You would use your cell phone in the bath, while the charging lead is still plugged in. In the bath, you might accidentally drop into the water. Accidents could happen everywhere.

  1. Increasing e-garbage

Cell phone companies encourage you to buy their products frequently. They would charge you a lot if you want to fix the old cell phone. They want you to buy a new instead of fixing an old one. Moreover, people like to have the latest cell phone to show off. Cell phone upgrades make your device run slowly and slowly. That increases more sales and electronic garbage.

  1. Expensive cell phones

Cell phones like IPhone are extremely expensive to normal people. It takes one to two years to launch a new model or fancy functions to encourage you to change. Even though you do not need those latest functions, you, especially young people, would like to buy a new one to make them stand out and more superior than others. Young people would spend more than they earn to own one.

  1. More Distraction

When you want to focus on your homework or prepare for your exam, your messenger keeps sending out information to distract you. When you are at work, you are interrupted by your Facebook or emails. You would like to check it out and see what the news is. It is too easy to be distracted which wastes a lot of time to read useless information.

  1. Feel anxious

We are all social animals. We would like to feel belonged to a certain group or place. We would like to get contacted and would not feel secure if we do not carry a cell phones while we are out. We do not want to be isolated.

  1. Less patience

We have more and more information than we can process. We can search for information so easily and fast. That makes us less and less patient. We do not want to spend too much time doing something. We would like to make quick money, success, and results. Everything requires to be fast and speedy.


  1. Obsession

Many people are obsessed with checking any latest news on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. We are interested in what others are doing or eating and where they are traveling.

  1. Cheat in exams

It is easy for cell phones to connect to the web. If you are allowed to bring cell phones in exams, you can easily search for answers online. It is not fair for students who study hard and well prepared. It is a serious issue  for students.

  1. Sex Exploitation

Taking sexual pictures or videos is so easy and can be used in a wrong way. Especially you do not know what people would use when you send your naked pictures. It takes a few clicks to spread it online. Young children might think that it is simply for fun and know how it hurts people. Adults would often receive sex messages without knowing why it happens.

  1. To be online all day

It is too easy to get a cell phone and stay online. Anyone can reach you anywhere and anytime. There are app software to contact you internationally. You can hardly tell when you are off. Your boss can assign you anytime he wants even though you are off or have a vacation. You are tense and need to read your cell phone all the time to see if you miss any message. Young pay high attention to their messages and try to get involved in their social media a lot.

  1. Cyberbully

Anyone who has a social media account, he or she can leave any comment to hurt someone. No matter you know this person or not. Any mean words could be seen without consequences. Unless you report to the police that cyberbullying seriously hurt you.

It is very true that cell phones help people a lot. If you make a good use of it, it is good. If you use it in a mean and poor way, it can be a tool to hurt people terribly. Hopefully, the pros and cons listed above can give you a clear picture and help you make a better decision.

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