Do you find it hard to accept yourself? Do you think that you do not accept yourself and love yourself on purpose? Do you find it difficult to give yourself a good time? Do you think that you do not deserve it? It is very common to hear it. It is not only you but also a lot of people like you to think so.

There are several similar conditions here:

  • You tend to be more accepting of others’ mistakes than your own.
  • You tend to think that other people better than you.
  • You tend to be perfect without mistakes.
  • You tend to be so picky about yourself.
  • You tend to look down on yourself.
  • You tend to be hard on yourself.
  • You do not let bygones be bygones.
  • You do not think that you should live a good life.
  • You think that you deserve a bad and hard time.
  • You think you should suffer so that you feel alive.

I believe, there are more conditions you can imagine. It is just a direction to show you what is going on inside you. Remember to ask yourself why you need to do that to yourself. Remember to ask yourself if it is what you want. You do not let it go and stick to a point. Is it worth it?

To accept yourself, to find the beauty of you, and to love yourself do not only help you find your peace but also lead you to happiness and more positive life. Why do you not give it a try? Why do you not give yourself a chance? There is no harm done to do it. Let’s find out more!

11 Steps To Accept Yourself and Be happier

  1. Be aware and change yourself from deep inside

  2. List your advantages

  3. Think in a positive way

  4. Accept all of you

  5. Encourage yourself

  6. Treat yourself nicely

  7. Be close with people who support you

  8. Get away from the negative

  9. Ignore what other people say and think

  10. No fear and worries

  11. Do your best and enjoy it

Here are more details:

  1. Be aware and change yourself from deep inside

Sometimes when you deny yourself, you are not aware. When you do not accept your imperfection, you are not aware. You think it is normal. That is what you always react. That is the way you treat yourself. You do not think it is wrong. Naturally, you would not think that you should change. You would not agree that you should think in another way to treat yourself in a nice way. Therefore, you should try to look at things in a positive way to see how things go. Things would not be worse. Things might be better. You would new know unless you are willing to take the first step to give it a try. 

  1. List your advantages

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. Nobody has only disadvantages. Nobody has only advantages. Try to list your advantages in a positive way. Maybe you are good at something. Maybe you care about people. Maybe you do the cleaning for your parents. I believe that you can find out more. You can have a good time. You can have a bad time. Why do you want to insist to have a bad time? It does not make sense. Check out 80+ Great Reasons To Love Yourself and you would be amazed that there are so many reasons to love yourself.

  1. Think in a positive way

When things happen, different people would have different feelings. Maybe you would feel happy. Maybe you would feel sad. Maybe you would feel awful. It is true. What you think is bad does not necessarily mean it is really bad. The point is to think in a positive way and look at things from the bright side. Find out you’re your excellent features not only about your internal part but also the external part. Get rid of all the negative thought and behavior. Do not let negative thinking have a chance to crash you like growing snowball. Practice makes perfect. Just do it and learn how to make it work and welcome more sunshine to your life.

  1. Accept all of you

Everyone cannot be 100% perfections. You must have a certain kind of imperfections like doing things slowly or talking slowing. If you keep focusing on these imperfections of you without dealing with it, you would not change anything. What you can do is pay the least attention to it. Or what you can do is to do your best to improve it. Or you accept them for the way it is. The imperfection is there and it is part of you. Why do you want to reject that part of you or deny that part of you?

  1. Encourage yourself

Maybe you never encourage yourself. Maybe when people around you encourage you, you would have a doubt. Maybe when others say that you’re very professional or smart, you would deny yourself. It is a habit, deep inside you. You are used to it and never think that you can encourage yourself. You can be the best cheerleader for yourself. Nobody would laugh at you about it. Even minor success, it is something excellent. Much little success would help you achieve great things. Give sincere compliments to yourself and make your day. Tell yourself that “you do a good job.” Tell yourself that “you can make it.” Keep doing it until you make it.

  1. Treat yourself nicely

Who you do not accept yourself, you usually think that suffering is normal in your daily life. That is how your world runs. You do not give yourself a good time. It is time to change and treat yourself nicely. Maybe you can get up late on the weekend. Maybe you can have a big meal after a hard working day. Maybe you can have a massage and a sauna to relax. Try to adore yourself and get enough rest for another challenge.  

  1. Be close with people who support you

When you are blue, talk to people who support you. When you are down, try to ask your mentor to guide you. Or you can ask the elder to show you the direction and understand what it is about or what it would be. It is quite important to get a bit of advice from the wise. You would not only be inspired but also be able to move on. 

  1. Get away from the negative

When you feel about yourself, you would never want to hear any more negative words. You would never want negative people to keep you feel worse. No matter those who speak negatively mean it or not. Do not allow those people to hurt you more. It is not worth it. You are in charge and do not need those adverse effects to get in your way. Life is never easy. You do not need more obstacles in life.

  1. Ignore what other people say and think

Do you care about what other people say? Do you care about what other people think? Maybe you would be influenced by others. Maybe you would worry what others would talk about behind you. If you often put yourself in this situation, try to shut the door inside you. Try to isolate yourself from the outside. Ignore what other people say and think to keep you away from the bad or negative effect on you.

  1. No fear and worries

As a salesman, you might worry that you could not meet your sales goals. As a student, you might fear that you could not pass the exam. As a freshman to society, you might worry that you could not find a job to pay for your student loan and bills. There are so many kinds of situations to make you worry or fear. You cannot possibly avoid it. It is difficult for you to control how you feel as well. You can practice shutting down when you have negative thoughts and feelings. Then you can minimize the fear inside you. Someday, you be as cool as a cucumber and never worry.

  1. Do your best and enjoy it

There are so many unknown things. You cannot know what it will be. The only thing you can do to make you feel better is to stay focused on what needs to be done now to help you move forward. The more you do, the better you feel. As long as you do your best, it is good for you to learn a lesson and experience. When it happens next time, you would know automatically how to deal with it. It is also an alternative to accept yourself.

You are your own boss. You are the only one who can allow being hurt by others. You are the only one who can decide to be happy or sad today. Nobody can affect you unless you give them permission. Remember, you are the key. Only when you accept yourself first, others would accept you. Only when you can appreciate your beauty, others would appreciate your beauty. Change yourself from deep inside first and you would find a brighter day. Every day is a brand new day. You can do something and find your own value.

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