How to stop or avoid thinking too much? Wherever you want to do something or you want to change your life, sometimes you would think too much. Sometimes you would think what results would be or what responsibility you would take or what kind of trouble you would have. You would not be able to face trouble or difficulties. You would have thoughts to stop you from taking action or keep you away from improving yourself. Sometimes you just cannot help think too much. It is very natural in that way. Therefore, what should we do to avoid thinking so much that you fail to act? What should we do to be too anxious? Are you looking for a way to stop thinking too much? Check out here.

10+ Tips Help You Stop Thinking Too Much

  1. Be aware of thinking too much

  2. Look at yourself deep inside

  3. Let go

  4. Talk to yourself

  5. Ask for advice

  6. Take exercise

  7. List what you should do

  8. Keep yourself busy

  9. Encourage yourself & be brave

  10. Take action to solve problems

  11. Live in the Moment

Let’s take a look at more details:

  1. Be aware of thinking too much

Be aware of thinking too much first. It happens very often. Everybody would think too much including you and me. It’s no big deal. Just like you would get up every morning, eat breakfast and drink water. Thinking is what we do every day. You think before you act. Thinking is not useless. Thinking helps you come up with a better solution. But what if you think too much? It is not good. Thinking too much keeps you from moving forward.

You will have problems without actions because you think too much. You would like to improve it without knowing where to start. Maybe you often hear people tell you that you think too much. And even your friends would laugh at you about it. Or your friends would tell you that you would not do anything but think. It becomes a problem and almost drives you crazy. 

  1. Look at yourself deep inside

After you are aware of thinking too much, you should look at yourself deep inside and find out what makes you behave like that. Even though you do not know how to stop thinking too much, you can try to find out where these thoughts come from. What kind of situation makes you think too much? Wherever you awake, you do not want to think in a negative way that scares you away. Find out what scares you. Find out what results you are afraid of most and try to reduce the effects. Do not let those negative or scary thoughts stand in your way. Try to help yourself find a way to calm down. Try to find a way to deal with thinking too much. Just spending 10-20 minutes every morning or night to think for a moment can have a great impact on you.

  1. Let go

To let go is so stop thinking about or being angry about the past or something that happened in the past. It is what you can do by yourself at any time. Do not try to hold on tight. Try to think in a positive way. Try to think about what if not. Try to help yourself accept it or make things under your control. 

  1. Talk to yourself

Another good way to avoid thinking too much is talking to yourself repeatedly. You can ask yourself and answer yourself as many questions as you want. You can find answers in that way. After you have asked all the questions and answer them all, you would know what kind of situation you would face or what kind of bad consequences you would be. You would know more rather than think more. You can have a solution or an answer. Once you start to talk, problems or difficulties would not make you suffer as much as they used to. 

  1. Ask for advice

You another good way to help you is talk to the elder or your boss or someone who is senior. You can try to get advice or a different perspective from them. They have more life and working experiences than you. They have more wisdom and understanding of many things and situations. Somehow a point or hint that they tell you could inspire you. It is what you would probably not think so and probably you would see. You can learn and get more from them. You can ask them what they would do if it happens to them. You can ask more than one, usually two to three wise or senior people. They would analyze the whole situation and explain it to you. You would have more understanding about it without worries. You would be calmer and be prepared to handle it in a better way. Problems are no longer problems. You would feel better and let go of all thoughts. In the end, you would laugh at yourself and wonder why you spend much time thinking of ridiculous things. 

  1. Take exercise

Whenever you’re exhausted and think too much, it is a good thing for you to do something else. Taking exercise is a good option for you to put it everything behind. Perhaps, you like taking a long walk in the park.  Perhaps, you like yoga. Perhaps, you like meditation and calm yourself down. Switch off your mind a more stable mode. Even if you want to play basketball, go ahead. If you want to go swimming, go ahead. If you want to go hiking, no problem. Just find a way that you will feel comfortable and focus on something else. After some exercise, you would feel more recharged and be more energetic to be back to face your problems or troubles. 

  1. List what you should do

Whenever you think too much without knowing what to do, you can practice making a list of them. List all the things that make you suffer. Writing them down on the paper or note. List all the possible solution as well. It is a way to help you think more deeply if that is really a problem or if that really bothers you. It’s also a kind of practice to help you find answers or any helpful solution, no matter they are good or bad. You will have a better picture of what the trouble could be or what kind of loss you would face. Then you would have fewer worries and make a better decision. 

  1. Keep yourself busy

When you have more free time for yourself or when you are not occupied with main things, you would have more time to think What if happens or what if it does not happen. What if you get hurt? How much would you lose? The more you think, the more you worry. Thinking is not a bad thing, but thinking too much is a problem. Thinking too much would make you feel at a loss as to what to do. You cannot do anything at all. At that time, you should keep yourself busy physically and mentally. Maybe you would have a meeting in the office. Focus on your work as a working woman. As a student, you would have a lot of homework to prepare. That’s what you should do first. However, most of the time, thinking too much would prevent you from doing it. You would not be able to work or study well. You cannot concentrate because your head is running all the time. You can do the house cleaning or washing your clothes or go shopping as well. Whatever you do, just keep yourself busy. 

  1. Encourage yourself & be brave

The main reasons we would think too much are fear or worry. We don’t know what would happen. We don’t have things under control. Because we cannot be sure whether it would affect me or how it influences me. It’s not possible to be prepared for all the situations for all the worries. What you can do is encourage yourself and to be a brave person. What you can do is find all the possible answers or ways to deal with the whole situations that you may think of. Help yourself be ready. Help yourself be prepared. If you need any help, talk to your boss, your colleagues, your friends, and your parents. 

  1. Take action to solve problems

The worst part about thinking too much is that you do not take action. When you have something in mind, you cannot solve problems. Or you cannot control your thinking or worrying which are not helping at all. What you should do is make an action plan to solve problems. This will force you to see that you have much to do. For example, you don’t have enough money to pay your bill, you should write down all your income and saving and try to find the money. Or try to say money to pay your bill. Or if that’s really not enough, maybe you can try to ask your family for help or apply for a loan from the bank for a short time. List all the methods or the plans that you would probably use to solve your problems rather than just thinking without any action. It would be more aggressive to your troubles. 

  1. Live at the Moment

Whenever you think too much, it is in the future and is not happening yet. If your problem is nothing or for no reason at all, you have more important things to at the moment. Live at the moment is what you should focus on. You should enjoy your life and explore the world. Maybe you can have dinner with your friends. Maybe you can have a new hobby if you want to learn how to make cakes for people you love for a long time. Maybe you like climbing mountains, you can go with your friends. Maybe you like reading inspiring books without the time and you can change it right away.

Nobody is born to be an organized person. Nobody is born to be a person who would not take action immediately. Maybe you think too much and are not used to finish what should be done today. You think about things that cannot be predicted and controlled, you would get nothing solved. Or it usually takes you minutes or hours to be on the working mode. It is not easy for you to focus on something and take action. However, what you should do is follow your list and just do it. Otherwise, you cannot do anything at all. You go nowhere at all.

For example, if you want answers, just ask. If you want to travel, just start to plan and book your tickets. How worse could it be? Do your best and see how things go. Good luck to you!

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