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What frustrates you most when you have your blog? What can you learn from your frustration? Does your first blog fail? How do you struggle? How do you survive along the way? Do you get along just fine? It is something you should take it seriously because it happens to almost everyone and everywhere. Maybe you have a good start. Maybe you are in the middle of the mountain. Maybe you decide to give it up. It is all reasonable and commonly seen.

Nobody said that blogging is easy. Nobody said that blogging is simple. Nobody said that blogging is fast money. That is why I would like to talk about it in this article. It is simply honest and frank. Blogging is definitely a way to start a new career. Blogging possibly changes your life. It happens under one condition – if you succeed and have a lot of fans and visitors who support you. Before that perfect moment comes, you would have been up and down in many ways.

Most bloggers start their blogs passionately and enthusiastically. They have a lot of tips and ideas to share. What happens next? “Easy come easy go” suits everything. As long as you know what comes after you have a blog, you would be more mature to face your difficulties. As long as you know what frustrates you in advance to help you be prepared in mind. You would get to know more how to deal with it and survive in the enormous online world.

10+ Things Frustrate You The Most When You Have A Blog

  1. Have no money before you make it

  2. Have no idea of how much it costs

  3. Have no idea of an outstanding domain name

  4. Have no idea of web hosting provider

  5. Have no idea of blog theme and design

  6. Have no idea of blog plugins and test

  7. High quality and original content

  8. Have no traffic

  9. Too many social media platforms

  10. Have no idea of how to make a money blogging

  11. Have no idea of how much work to do

  12. What if my blog gets hacked

Here are more details:

  1. Have no money before you make it

Blogging is a cheaper way to start your new career. Blogging is not quick money to make you a millionaire. Before you make enough money from your blog, you have to have another job to support your daily expenses. It is very reasonable and helps you go through the dark night right, waiting for the dawn. Everyone knows it, but hardly people can accept it. Why? Because you have bills to pay and things to buy. Now you need to pay for the blogging-related expense and make no money. It does not make sense at all and you cannot survive. That scares you and me. Why do you want to look at things in a negative way? Why do you not find a solution? Have another stable income until your blog succeeds.

  1. Have no idea of how much it costs

I do not have a lot of money. I have a job and would like to give myself an opportunity to explore the world. I have nothing to do with the cyber world. It never occurs to me to get in touch with the internet. I am a typical user and search for information from Google. That is exactly what I do every day like everyone else. I never think I would have my own blog and design it. The cost is unknown for sure, until now. Buying a domain name and web hosting provider is extremely lower than I think. There are many companies which provide the service. Simply pick one that fits you and offers excellent customer service. Check out How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website, you can certainly afford it as I do. Give it a shot!

  1. Have no idea of an outstanding domain name

Maybe you are a person of few ideas and opinions. When you would like to start your blog, you need to come up with a catchy domain name to impress your readers and visitors. You need to make your blog stand out easily. It is pretty difficult. Many common and easy-to-remember domain names are taken. You need to try harder to find one to fit your blog.

For example, I bought my domain name in Namecheap which is highly recommended and has multiple choices. I make a list of domain names to meet the purpose of my blog. I would choose a domain first. However, when I finally press the button “Enter” and start to search, I find out that all of them have been taken. Some of them are already a well-known website. Some of them are bought for resale and higher prices. Wow! It is something that you would never know in advance unless you have research in advance. What can you do about it? Do you want to give up halfway? Do you want to fail again? Certainly not. Just come up with a different name for your blog. I am sure that a specific domain name is waiting for you to find out. Maybe it is a combination of words or abbreviation. You can even use different words to express the same meaning. Think it widely and creatively.

  1. Have no idea of web hosting provider

When I first come to the world of blog, this is a brand new thing to me. This is not what I am familiar or good at. My major is in economics and works in the business co rather than an internet company. I want everything to be as simple as possible. I want everything to be as easy as I can. Then I have to find a reliable web hosting provider to run my blog for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are too many choices to choose from. How can you tell which one fits you? This is another choice. Too much decision needs to be made. This is just a beginning. This company has to guard my blog and has good customer service. I do not have to worry about what I am not familiar with. I use WordPress which recommends two web hosting: SiteGround and Bluehost. I appreciate the guide to solve my problem. Check out How To Start A Blog On Siteground and How To Start A Blog On Bluehost to start your blog within minutes.

  1. Have no idea of blog theme and design

You have no idea of the blog theme. You have no idea of blog design. You have no idea of where to put and what to put. You have no idea of how to make your blog amazing. There are many computer codes and language that you would never use.

For example, I use WordPress as a basis because it is an open resource and free for everyone to use. That means that many engineers work for it and develop many ready-to-use functions for it. You would be amazed by so many choices and functions to get to know. In the past, you are simply a user. Right now, you have to think that you are a developer to make your blog work well and professionally.

Good customer service is my first option because I know nothing about it and need great support. I need an expert to help me with it and ease my pain. That is what you should do as well. Find a blog theme which has a high recommendation and quick response in Envato elements and Envato market to match your needs. Many of them offer many different styles and support to help you. Pick one and customize it. If you have problems with it, you can always email them to get technical support. Envato elements would offer you the Freebies sections by email including favorite fonts, add-ons, graphic templates, video templates, and so on.

Then, the user-friendly interface is another option I would take it seriously. This blog theme has to offer me multiple selections of templates and features. I would not find it hard to design my blog and enjoy the process. It is a good opportunity to turn your idea into reality. It is common to change the blog design as well.

  1. Have no idea of blog plugins and test

When I want a certain kind of function to get the effect to show on my blog, honestly speaking, I am afraid that I can not a suitable one to use or have no clue of how to develop. Fortunately, I have so many plugins for ready for me to use. Check out Best Free WordPress Plugins to know more useful functions, I list a few of them to get a clear picture.

If you want to have your online store, this is something that frustrates you more. It requires more difficulty and efforts. Check out Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales to know more professional functions. Here are some of them to help you catch up easily.

After you add a new plugin, never forget to test them before you officially activate it. See how plugins run on your blog and check if it meets your needs. If not, just deactivate it and delete it. Besides, never forget to back up your files. Have fun with it and make your dream come true little by little. It is all for your blog perfection and success.

  1. High quality and original content

To create high quality and original content is never easy. I am not a writer or reporter. I seldom write anything. Even though I have many ideas, I rarely put it into practice in my busy life. Frankly speaking, blogging is this first time for me to find out what else I can do except for my work. Blogging is what I like to devote myself to it. I have so much to share and want to write so many articles. I want them to show up immediately like a magic wand. However, it is not what I think it should be. Writing a good article takes time. Writing a high-quality article takes more time. Collecting information and analyzing it take time as well. If you want to post many articles fast, the quality of content is concerning. Unless you already have many articles waiting to be published. Do what you have to do step by step. Do not overthink and worry too much. Keep you focused and go ahead. Once you have more good and useful articles, you would have more and more visitors. Check out 5 Tips to Boost Blog Topic and Make A Pop Blog and find out more ideas and create more articles.

  1. Have no traffic

The most difficult to me after I have a blog is no sufficient traffic. As anyone who has his or her business in the real world, you face a lot of bills to pay including rent and utility bills. You want and welcome many customers to visit and buy things in your store. If no customers, it is not good. You can never survive and your store can never last long because you would run out of your saving. Having a blog is the same. When your blog is launched, you start to worry or already worry where your visitors come from. Is there enough traffic to support your dream and goal? I learn a lot from many people. Now I would like to share it with you because one thing I realize is worrying is useless and just gives you a hard time. If you do not take action but worry, there is no improvement at all. Check out Simple Ways To Increase Blog Traffic, the best part is that you can try each or them and find a way or more ways to bring your blog more and more traffic. Here are some of them,

  • Interact with related bloggers
  • Social share button
  • Build an email list
  • Affiliate program
  • Buy Advertisement & keywords
  1. Too many social media platforms

In Taiwan, many people use Facebook and so do I. Out of Taiwan, I am surprised to find out there are so many options. When you have too many options, you would feel puzzled and anxious because you do not know which media platform matters most. I feel the same as well. I would feel frustrated that I need to register on different social media platforms. Then I figure out that I do not need to have it all. All I have to do is pick the platform which has the most traffic and simplifies it. If you have a budget, you can boost your posts. Other than that, you can join similar or related groups to your niche and stay active to share your points of views. You would begin to establish your authority and gain more fans. Moreover, you can add social sharing buttons to help your readers share your posts with a simple click.

  1. Have no idea of how to make a money blogging

After your blog is launched successfully, you need to focus on how to make money from your blog. This is quite essential to every blogger. Not only your blog can help people but also help you financially. What should you do to benefit from your blog? How many ways can you do about it? You have no idea about it and feel depressed. Do not worry about because there are already a lot of amazing examples out there. Try to learn from their tips. Practice makes perfect. Just DO it. Check out 13 Ways To Make Money Blogging to find out more. Here are some of them:

  • Affiliate program
  • Sell your online course
  • Sell your own product like an e-book or Kindle book
  • Provide coaching or consulting your service
  • Google Adsense & Ezoic
  • Advertisement space
  • Build an email list
  • Paid Reviews 
  1. Have no idea of how much work to do

Before I start my blog, I simply think that publishing a post routinely would help you make money. I do not realize that I have so much work to do. If I know it in advance, I would think more and would not jump in so passionately. I need to be responsible for everything including my product, marketing, money budget, and sales. Frankly speaking, I am still learning and improving. Life is a journey of learning and fighting. Encourage yourself and applaud yourself for all the efforts. If you really need a pro to share your workload, you can try Fiverr and Flexjobs. Hire a pro with little money because they can do their jobs better than you. Then you can focus on what you are good at and both of you get benefited.

  1. What if my blog gets hacked

I have no knowledge of how to keep my blog safe and prevent it from being hacked. To tell the truth, not everyone is good at it. If you feel stuck about it, you can choose a reliable web hosting provider – Siteground,  like me. Siteground is prepared to protect you, me and every other website. Even more, if you want to avoid it, there is another option – Updraft Plus. This is a very useful plugin to protect your blog and its files. And update your WordPress installation and plugins on time so that you have the latest version to fix the security errors!

Hopefully, these 12 lessons would help you look at blogging more clearly. There is no shortcut to success. Give it a try and try until you make it. Do not worry about it and stress about it too much. Encourage yourself and give yourself time. Keep moving forward and fighting. Stay persistent, improve yourself and believe yourself. If you are about to blogging, or you just start blogging, this is already a good beginning. Do not lose yourself and GO!GO!GO!

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

If you would like to start a blog, I have an article about “How To Start A Blog” for the affordable price, starting less than 5usd per month for the blog hosting. FYI, if you would like to monetize your blog, the first thing you should do is to be self-hosted. This is very important for you if you would like to turn your blog traffic or knowledge into money. In the long term, you need to fully control your blog which is your business.

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