Everyone has too much clutter to stuff. Consciously or unconsciously, we would buy a lot of things no matter we need it or not. What’s the result? What would it be? It turns that you have too much stuff in your house, your garage, your office, and etc. You spend so much time and money shopping and bringing more and more stuff to your place. You have less and less living space. You have less room in your house without knowing what to do. Too many things in your life in an internal or external way. You cannot even recall how it happens. You know that you have so much stuff that you should get rid of it. However, it happens little by little until it is too much and you can hardly find anything.

Everyone has different reasons to clutter here and there. Finally, things are everywhere. Everything you would

Like to keep because you think that you might use them someday or other purposes. However, when you have too much “stuff” at home, it is nothing but clutter. Let’s explore more about it.

10+ Reasons You Have Too Much Stuff

  1. You have no idea where to start.

  2. You have no idea how to deal with clutter.

  3. You might use it.

  4. Old stuff has more value.

  5. You are used to hoarding.

  6. You do not want to do cleaning.

  7. Clutter is a part of your life.

  8. You cannot fight any sale.

  9. You do not care if you really need it.

  10. You bring more stuff back home.

  11. You like to use new things.

  12. New product is cheaper if you would like to fix the old one.

  13. You have problems throwing things away.

  14. You have more confidence.

  15. You have regrets.

  16. You have a hole inside you that you want to fill.

Here are more details:

  1. You have no idea where to start.

As time goes on, you are surprised you have so much clutter and do not want to take any action to change it at all. It is true. If I am in that situation with so much clutter in the house, it would be that last thing I would like to do. Even you do want to take the first step to clean, there are too many places that require your attention. You need to take care of them at the same time which frustrates you and scares you away. Then you do not know where to begin which makes you never want to start.

  1. You have no idea how to deal with clutter.

When you get older, you must have a lot of clutter which is full of your memories. You have feelings for your stuff. You would like to find the right place for it, but it fails. When you have more memories, you have more stuff which needs places to stay. Therefore, more stuff is waiting for your arrangement and attention for months until you completely forget about it. Maybe it is a piece of old furniture. Maybe it is an old novel. Maybe it is an old electrical appliance and you have a new one.

  1. You might use it.

You keep things because you think that you might use it someday in the future. There are so many situations and tools that you would use. However, the truth is that you hardly have a chance to use it again. You would not do the same things every day. Every time you try something new, you would buy new tools and materials. That is how you have more stuff in a drawer and on a dresser.

  1. Old stuff has more value.

You believe that old stuff has more and more value as time goes by. That is why you would like to invest your time and money. That is why you would like to buy more and more old stuff to bring them back home. Unfortunately, most of that stuff does not work in that way. You do not get a reward back and have to be responsible for cleaning it or throwing it away.

  1. You are used to hoarding.

Somehow you need hoarding to make your life easier for you. It is a kind of emotional attachment. Usually, it is something small and cheaper stuff. You just want to keep those things with you. It does not matter if you really use it or not. You simply want to keep them at home or someplace you feel safe. For example, there are books that you would not read now. There are many clothes that you do not want to wear anymore. It does exist in your and my life.

  1. You do not want to do cleaning.

Unless you extremely love cleaning, you would prefer to do something else rather than cleaning. Cleaning is something that people seldom like to do even though people like to use clean clothes, houses, environment, and etc. It is understanding and why it is a good reason to delay the cleaning. You have something more important and urgent to do, don’t you? You do not want to put it in the first place because you would read books, listen to music, have dinner with your friends, and etc.

  1. Clutter is a part of your life.

If you are used to leaving things behind wherever you go and do not put things back at their place, you would see clutter around you. Things cover things all over in your house including your clean floor, empty dresser, your office, and where you can think of. It has become your habit because it is so convenient. Put things at will and anywhere you like. At that time, you do not think it a problem until it becomes a disaster.

  1. You cannot fight any sale.

Whenever there is a sale, you would imagine that you would use it someday. You have no doubt to buy more stuff back home. The more you buy, the more you save. There is no hesitation at all. The only problem is that you do not have enough storage room to put all of them. This situation does not bother you at all. It is what you care about most. What you can buy and how much you can save that matter most. The rest of it is no concern at all.

  1. You do not care if you really need it.

You live life at will. If you want something, you just want it. You do not care if you really need it. You do not care about the consequences. You simply want to get things that you want. Even though you would use it in a thousand years, it is all right.

  1. You bring more stuff back home.

You enjoy the feeling of bringing stuff back home. You do not care when you would use it. You do not care if it really matches your need. As long as you have it, you are happy. As long as you keep it as your possession, you are satisfied. You like to keep the feeling in the brain. Or whenever you feel unhappy about one thing, you would do to get rid of the bad feelings. Online shopping makes it easier now. With a few clicks, you can order anything you want and ship it to your house without a problem.

  1. You like to use new things.

When things or products are old or broken, you would like to change them. Even though old products are still usable, you still want to buy a new one. It does not mean you would throw old stuff away. When new products are launched faster and cheaper, you do not see the problem of more stuff in and less stuff out.

  1. New product is cheaper if you would like to fix the old one.

Manufacturers do not encourage you to fix their products and charge you a lot of money if you want to fix or replace a part of it. That makes more new stuff to your house.

  1. You have problems throwing things away.

It is hard for you to throw things away. It never occurs to you that you should do that. Putting things there is not an issue to you. If you do that, you would feel guilty. Throwing away broken products is ok. But useable products are not supposed to be thrown away because it is called a waste of money. This is not what you should do. You do not want to carry the burden to waste anything. You prefer to leave it at home without using it. It makes you feel much better.

  1. You have more confidence.

If you can afford to buy a lot of stuff, it usually means you are better than others. You can buy products that others cannot. It helps you build up your confidence and superiority. It is hard for you to stop. That is where your confidence comes from. If you do, you have nothing left. Even though you have thousands of luxurious bags in your closet and you do not use them at all, simply looking at them, taking pictures of them and sharing them on the social media bring you the most pleasure.

  1. You have regrets.

Something you cannot buy in the past. You have regrets to make it up. You do not feel sorry anymore. You do not want to hold on anymore. You do not want to sacrifice and suffer. That makes you have zero tolerance if you want to buy something.

  1. You have a hole inside you that you want to fill.

You have a deep hole deep inside you. You want to fill it with something. Maybe you are poor when you are young. You are rich now and want to buy everything you can to make it up. Clutter is an easier way. You simply possess it and never let it go. Nobody can stop you. You just do it in this easy and quiet way.

The more, the better. That is what think in the old days because a lot of people are poor. Many people want to have things in hand in case they need them someday. Right now, it is a completely different picture. The less, the better. Too much stuff is an issue and a problem now. It makes you have a worse quality of life. If you think you have more possession, you would have more peace-of-mind. You are completely wrong about it. Find the key reason for your behavior, deal with it in a mature way. That is exactly what you should do.

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