There are many good reasons that you should accept yourself. Find yourself a good one to accept who you really are. Every part of yourself is valuable. Listen to your heart and learn how to accept yourself and be happy.

10+ Reasons to Accept Yourself

  1. Nobody is perfect

  2. Accept your past

  3. You are unique

  4. Deserve to be happy

  5. Find your own value

  6. Learn the lessons of your life

  7. Do not pretend to be someone else

  8. It is a ring thing to do

  9. Forgive yourself

  10. Be brave and strong

  11. Never compare yourself to others

  12. Dig your own advantages

Let’s look at more details:

  1. Nobody is perfect

Accept that nobody is perfect including you. Do not be so hard on yourself because you are imperfect. Perfection is a mission impossible. That is what you should work hard to do your best and try your best.

  1. Accept your past

You might make a lot of mistakes. You might be mean to people. You might hurt people who care about you. It is a process to make who you are. You know that you are wrong. You know that you would not make the same mistakes twice. Let bygones be bygones and let it go. Try to forgive yourself and grow.

  1. You are unique

Nobody is the same. Everyone is unique and special. Try to look at yourself in a different way. For example, you think you are too strong and tall and many people are afraid of you. However, if you are a security guard, you would make people feel safe and trustworthy. Every part of you makes you different from others. There is no so-called good or bad. You are an individual and nobody can tell you what to think or deny you. You are in charge of yourself. Do not let others have the power of it.

  1. Deserve to be happy

You deserve to live a happy life. You should do your best to get it. Accepting yourself is the first thing that you should do. You should live at the moment and embrace your good part and bad part.

  1. Find your own value

Find your own value and increase it. Treat yourself as a valuable property. You are more valuable than you think. Do not underestimate yourself. Do not look down on yourself. Even, you can increase your own value

  1. Learn the lessons of your life

There are many lessons in your life. It is a journey. It is a process for different parts of your life. Do not be afraid of it. Encourage yourself to face it bravely. There are no so-called model answers. There are no straight answers. You have to find your own answers which makes you the most comfortable.

  1. Do not pretend to be someone else

When you look at a model in the magazine, you would like to be like her. When you watch a movie, you would like to be a hero. You would like to look skinner and more beautiful. That is not who you are. That is real for you. You have to pretend to be her or him. You would do something that you would never do. Maybe it is ok to do it once. If you need to keep doing it for a long time, it would bring you a lot of stress. You simply want to look great or smart, but that is not really you. It is not a healthy way to live a life like that. If you do, you would never be happy. You would feel painful for sure.

  1. It is a ring thing to do

Everyone has a dark face. Everyone has a weak moment. Everyone would deny himself or herself. It is true. It does happen every day. You would not possibly avoid it. What you can do is focus on accepting yourself and stick to it. It is never wrong.

  1. Forgive yourself

When you look at the picture of a top model and yourself, you want to be as skinny as she is. You would tell yourself to eat less and less until you are too skinny. You would never be satisfied and want more until it is too much. Why do you not look at yourself nicely and lose weight in a slow and healthy way? Why do you want to feel hungry and eat so little? If you know the advantages of forgiveness, you would have more peace inside and release negative thoughts and feelings.

  1. Be brave and strong

When you cannot accept yourself and keep denying yourself, you would be fragile and weak. You have no idea how to make you strong again. You never want to be weak. You want more strength and confidence. Accepting yourself is a good start. You can be brave and strong enough to fight and stand up again.

  1. Never compare yourself to others

Everyone is unique and special. You would not be her. She would never be you. Do not try to compare two different people. It is totally wrong and unfair. Everyone has different purposes to be born. It is never the same. It is never possible to live in the same way and have the same happiness. Comparing yourself to others is silly and useless.

  1. Dig your own advantages

You are born for a reason. You are born with a mission. You would be given some talents especially for you. Try to find our own advantages and gain happiness. You would find out that you are no worse than others. You could do better than others.

Find your own acceptance and enjoy your journey of life. That’s the most important of all. Maybe you have more reasons or different reasons. You are very much welcome to share.

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