Happiness is a choice. Do you want to be happy? Do you know how to be happy? Do you know how to be a happy person? The answer is uncertain. I believe that you or anyone who would have this question in mind.

Some of you might feel that it is so hard to have a happy day all the time. The others might think that they work hard for their living without happiness. Some might not like their work and suffer when they are in the office. Some might be too fat to be laughed at. Some might not make enough money to support their lives. All of these bring negative feeling to your daily lives. These make you sad, depressed, and unhappy. That is why it is difficult for you to be happy. However, is it all about it? Can you do something about it? Is there any other way to improve it? Can you do this by thwarting negative thoughts like resentment or sadness? The answer is “Yes”.

You can pursue happiness. You can choose to be happy right now, at this moment. You can decide to live a happy life. You can foster positive thoughts and feelings like gratitude and serenity. Let’s find out more.

10+ Incredible Ways To Be Happy

  1. Choose to be happy

  2. Accept yourself

  3. Love yourself

  4. Be grateful

  5. No complaints

  6. The power of forgiveness

  7. Positive thoughts and feelings

  8. Enough sleep

  9. Show your friendliness and a big smile

  10. Get a life

  11. Take exercise

  12. Entertainment

  13. Explore the world

  14. Money is not everything

  15. Accompany your family and friends

  16. Active leisure and meaningful Activities

  17. Help people

Here are more details:

  1. Choose to be happy

The intention is the first step to be happy. You need to consciously choose what you think and act to happiness.

No matter you are sad or happy. Remember, you always have a choice. You can decide to be happy or unhappy after you wake up in the morning. You can tell yourself to be happy or sad. You are your own boss. You can make happiness a goal in life. Do not let others make the decision for you. Do not let other things influence you. Try to move away from things in your way. Maybe you would not succeed it once. Try it twice, or even more.

For example, you can learn good self-improvement skills, interpersonal skills, and self-management skills. You can search for any probability of happiness here and there or from people around you. You could become a happy person as long as you start to chase it and make your own personal growth primary goal and values.

  1. Accept yourself

Check out my article 11 Steps To Accept Yourself and Be happier, I list multiple ways to help you accept yourself. Maybe you always help people when they are in need. Maybe you often accompany people when they are desperate. Maybe you are not so useless as you think. Maybe you should accept yourself no matter good or bad to make your life easier and happier.

  1. Love yourself

Check out my article 80+ Great Reasons To Love Yourself, list your advantages to love. For example, you have a good heart and think for others. You are always on time for work. Or you can list your disadvantages to love. For example, your teeth are untidy which makes your smile cute. You are a little bit chubby which brings more warm feelings to people.

  1. Be grateful

Be grateful for what you have. Maybe you have parents who love you and take care of you a lot. Maybe you have a healthy mind and body. Maybe you have a great dinner to eat tonight. Maybe a stranger gives you a hand when you lose your wallet. Maybe you have a good tutor in life to lead you to the right path. Maybe you eat a lot and would not gain weight. There is so much to thank for. There is so much effort to be who you are today. You should be happy to be how lucky you are. Do not take it for granted and think that it is what you deserve. You can start listing a few things to show how much you appreciate it. No matter how small it is, it is a good start for you which is better than that you never try.

  1. No complaints

Whenever bad things happen to you, what would you do first? I believe that most people would complain right away. They would wonder why bad things happen to them all the time. They would think that it would be different if it happens to another person. They would never know it would be so different if they stop complaints. It is time to change. It is time to stop complaints and look at things in another way. Try to deal with things that bother and fix it. Try to be a solver rather than a person who complain all the time.

  1. The power of forgiveness

When you have been hurt or heard mean words about you, you would feel bitter and resentful. You would dislike those people. Even more, you would like to hurt them back. The whole process would make you unhappy. You do not that to happen and repeat all the time. The best thing you can do is forgiveness. Do not waste your time and put yourself too much in it. If you know the great power of forgiveness, you would know that it is the only way to set you free. Let bygones be bygones. Do not dwell on your hurt or anger for vengeance.

You can try to understand why someone would do things like that to hurt you. Try to know his point of view. You can also write down your forgiveness and let him know what he has done. You can release the message that you forgive him.

  1. Positive thoughts and feelings

Remember, it is always your mind which controls the key to make you happy or sad. It is the way how you look at things. Does it ever occur to you to find out why you look at things in a positive or negative way? Does it ever occur to you to look at things from the other side? Maybe you would have a brand new feeling and learn from. Maybe it is your life lesson. Maybe it is meant to happen in life to help you grow. The harder you work, the more you gain.

For example, you would like to open your own business. You need to start all over and have no senior to tell you to do. You have no vacation because it is your career and you work for yourself. You have no boss to pay during national holidays and weekends. You are on your own. You would suffer and struggle and would like to give up. That is why so many people give up in the beginning. You can imagine a dark angel who whispers by your ears and tells you to quit because it is easier. It is never easy to fight against it, I would say. What you can do is stay positive and focus on what should be done now. Or you can practice yoga and meditation to quell anxiety and find serenity back. Or you can learn to challenge yourself whenever you have negative thoughts. These are all doable. Practice makes perfect. Next time, you would be more experienced to do what to do.

  1. Enough sleep

When you have enough sleep, you would be more pleased and willing to face a brand new day. You would be recharged and be more prepared to face the challenge. Your thought would be clear and sharp. Your efficiency and productivity would be much better as well.

  1. Show your friendliness and a big smile

One good thing about me is to show my tender smile whenever I see people I know. It makes the atmosphere so smooth and shows people how friendly you are. No one would like to say mean words to you. No one would like to pull a long face when he sees your smile. Since you can bring people sunshine, why do you want to the opposite?

  1. Get a life

Have you had a feeling that you live for your children, your husband, and any other person? Do you feel that you seldom have time for yourself? You are busy no matter you do it intentionally or not. It does exist. You have little time or space for yourself. You run round in circles without knowing any way to change it. You would compromise or sacrifice for others. You always put others in front of you. It is time to hold back and think about yourself. You have to think about what life you want and what your need is. Find your life and happiness back.

  1. Take exercise

You can take exercise routinely. For example, you can have yoga or Pilates. You can go jogging. You can watch video online to take exercise. The key is to do it every week. If you are busy, you can spend 10-15 minutes on short and fast exercise. Then you would feel happier and have more things under control.

  1. Entertainment

Find a book of jokes or spiritual stories to make you laugh and inspired. Watch a comedy to make you forget about everything. Talk to humorous people to know more interesting things or news. Or you can listen to any music which touches you or moves you. So many things to do to help you enjoy yourselves and have happy hours. Is it that great? 

  1. Explore the world

How long have you not had a trip on your own? How long have you not put down your burden and get recharged? It is a great opportunity to arrange a trip for yourself. A trip you do not have to think about others. A trip you do not have to wait for others. A trip is particularly designed for you. Why do you not go? What are you waiting for?

  1. Money is not everything

Generally, you would think that more money means more happiness. It is very true at first. However, the marginal utility of living would only diminish over time. It would last forever. It is impossible to bring you happiness all the way as well. When you achieve in the pursuit of stuff so much, money does not always mean the most important thing of all. It is always you whose inside matters all.

  1. Accompany your family and friends

When you are weak or sad, you would like your family or friends to support you through the tough time. You would like them to be around you. You would need their wise words to see things that you could not see. You would need them to accompany you. There is nothing wrong with it. When you are in trouble, you would like to talk to them and have some discussion to get the problem solved. When you complete something, you would love to share it with them. You would like them to get involved in your life. I believe that they would feel the same. Whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day, it is always good to know that you are not alone.

  1. Active leisure and meaningful Activities

To get more self-improvement or self-growth, you need to put yourself more into it. You can have leisure more actively. For example, you can set a goal to run in a marathon. You can design your training program. You can set up a daily, weekly, and monthly goal to achieve. That drives you more to push you to do more and act more. By the time you accomplish it successfully, it is a big step for you and you completely enjoy the process.

  1. Help people

Isn’t that great for you to find out that you are able to help? You somehow can do something in return from the society. For example, you happen to know some children who have no money for food and you are willing to support them. Or you could be a volunteer in the Child Welfare League Foundation or any other charity. There is so much to help. You can donate your money and time to teach children.

Some people are lucky to know how to be happy, and some are not. It is all right. Nobody says that you should know everything. Nobody is born to know everything. Life is a journey for every one of you to explore and to learn. Stay on track and keep moving forward. One day, you would go to the end and find your answers to happiness.

I hope you like my article. Welcome to share with your friends and family. And let me know if there is any comment you would like to share with me. If you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.

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