10+ Disadvantages of Having Too Much Stuff

Having too much stuff does happen to you and me. We live in a material world. Normal families like you and me overbuy all kinds of things. No matter you need it or not, you buy things. No matter you can afford it or not, you buy things. Things you would overbuy are including clothes, shoes, bags and etc. Sometimes it is too much and you have no feelings at all. Sometimes you buy things unconsciously. Too much stuff becomes more and more which is out of your control. It is visually found out everywhere in a house and garage. That is why I would like to list all these disadvantages for you to take a look at. I strongly recommend you should do the same things to push you to do the cleaning. Let’s take a look at more below:

  1. You spend more time cleaning and de-cluttering. Try to imagine that you pick up 10 objects which take 10 minutes. When you pick up 20 or 30 objects, it certainly takes more time.
  1. When you have 10 clothes in your closet, it is easy for you to find the one to wear within minutes. However, when you have 20-50 clothes to choose, it is not that easy to hunt for the one to wear. There are too many clothes in your closet. It is a challenge to make the right decision. You need to get up earlier and try to find the perfect match to wear which makes you more overwhelming.
  1. When you have too many things in a drawer, it takes more time spent searching for a tiny item like nail clipper and a thermometer. You can hardly see things quickly and clearly in cluttered drawers because things are covered and invisible.
  1. When you buy more things than you need, you spend more money and time shopping. You feel good about it and her items that go bad. Freezer burn, spoilage, and broken items mean money thrown in the trash.
  1. Cleaning is something that you seldom do. The less you clean, the more mess it is. As time goes by, you can even rarely keep your stuff put away and organized.
  1. You are used to cluttering. You let clutter take over your life little by little. It would slowly cover everything in your house and life including your dresser, your living room, your garage, and more.
  1. You have so much clutter which makes you overwhelmed. You have no idea where or how to begin. And then you do not want to begin to clutter at all.
  1. You would reduce available cash flow if you have tied up more money in useless stuff. You would have less money to cover essential daily expenses like your payroll and rent. That is not a good situation at all.
  1. The more stuff you have, the more stuff you must store. Most people have limited storage space. You would find it difficult to find a proper space to for things you need because you’ve purchased more products.
  1. Your energy is drained and cannot find things. This situation starts to interfere with parts of your life and makes it hard for you to get to work on time or something else.
  1. You become nonfunctional, overwhelmed, and nonproductive.
  1. Clutter is bad for your health no matter it is in a physical or mental way.
  1. Too much clutter could be a dangerous factor to your living environment like dust and mold which are bad for allergies.
  1. When you see clutter, you would not be able to breathe and relax easily. You would become easily depressed and anxious.
  1. Clutter might be a reason to make you fat. A life of consumption leads to too much stuff. You might eat too much because that is part of your life.
  1. You have problems getting rid of things because you would like to remember your glorious history rather than your real life.
  1. You do not think it a problem that you keep buying products and bring them back home. The moment of satisfaction is gone within minutes. You have to repeat the behavior to keep you feeling satisfied.

Everyone knows that he or she should not buy so much stuff. Everyone finds it difficult to get rid of it and own less stuff. It takes time to change and throw away what you do not need at all. Why do you not start to give yourself a good reason to push yourself to do it? Why do you not take the first step and choose what you really need? You would feel released and save a lot of time and money because too much stuff takes much time and money. Just do it without thinking too much. You would find that you have a cleaner and more spacious room.

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